Want to Give the Perfect Gift This Mother’s Day? Connect with Mum Over a Perfect Cup of Chai

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I live in Melbourne right now, and my mum currently lives a thousand miles away – so it’s a wonderful treat for me when she comes down to visit. I was delighted when I got to spend time with her at my house last weekend.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (this year it’s on May 14), I thought I’d ask my mum what Mother’s Day means to her, and what she’d like to do to celebrate the big day.

Mum answered, “I’d like some time to slow down….so I don’t feel so rushed. I’d like some time to really connect my family.”

I thought to myself, “What a wonderful idea!”

If you’re looking for ways to give your mum a chance to slow down this Mother’s Day, read on for some ideas on how to create wonderful, memorable moments with her.

Take the Time to Really Connect with Your Mum

One of the best gifts you can give your mum this Mother’s Day is a moment to truly connect and talk about the things that really matter to both of you.

My mum and dad are still live and work on the farm where I grew up, in Central New South Wales. Both of my parents still work on the farm every day, so they are busy and hard-working people. They don’t spend a lot of time sitting around, and my mom doesn’t often take time to take care of herself.

My favorite thing about spending time with my mom – especially those moments when we get to slow down and really connect – is that I really get to see who she really is.

Because our lives are both really busy (I own my own business, and she works every day on the farm), so our conversations are often quick and superficial when we talk on the phone.

When we chat, My mum’s mind is usually whizzing around with a million different things – just like mine. We both have a ton of things to do every day, so there’s not a lot of time for deep and personal conversations.

During the moments when I get to sit down with her during our face-to-face visits, we get to really talk, and I can find out what’s really going on with her – how she’s feeling, what she’s struggling with, and what grateful for these days.

I get to see who my mum really is during these conversations – and that’s a wonderful gift for both of us.

One Way to Create a Moment of Connection with Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Our lives are often completely packed every moment of every day. When you want to carve out some time to sit down with your mum and really talk – what’s the best way to do it?

One way to create a moment of connection is to brew a beautiful cup of chai for your mom (and one for yourself), then sit down and enjoy them together. Our chai teas are not instant – they will take about four or five minutes to make and brew properly – but they are surprisingly easy to make at home.

When you take a moment for this comforting ritual, you not only time get to connect with your loved one, but you’ll also get the amazing aroma of freshly brewed chai in your kitchen.

If you think that sounds like a great idea for your mum this Mothers’ Day, why not try our wonderful chai gift package?

Our Special Mother’s Day Gift Bundle

Chai Tea Ultimate Gift Box Set with Glass Tea PotIncludes your choice of chai, a lovely glass teapot with a large infuser, our chai tea sprinkles, and a sprinkle shaker. All the bells and whistles so you can create the ultimate Chai experience for mum.

All our Mother’s Day gift boxes are beautifully gift-wrapped, and with each set, you get your choice of one of our five chai mixes:

  1. The People’s Chai our traditional chai masala.
  2. Chilli Chocolate Chai – a smooth chocolate flavor with a hint of chilli.
  3. Herbal Chai – a caffeine-free, herbal tisane.
  4. Hibiscus Chai – a caffeine-free chai, sweetened with hibiscus flowers. This blend is magical as an iced tea.
  5. Golden Spice Chai – a creamy-smooth brew with chai spices and turmeric. A great way to get more turmeric in your diet.

Still can’t decide? Not sure which gift to get? You can also pick up a gift voucher for your mum, and let her choose! They’re available even at the last minute!

Intimidated by the Idea of Making a Cup of Chai? It’s Not as Hard as You Think!

If you’ve never brewed a cup of chai before, you might be wondering, “Is it difficult to brew chai at home? Will it taste good if I try to make it on my own?”

Don’t fret – making chai at home is not hard! I recently joined chef Emma Dean on My Market Kitchen for a step-by-step master class on creating the perfect cup of chai.

Remember: The whole process will only take you four or five minutes – and any of our Mother’s Day gift bundles above will give you all the equipment you need to create the perfect cup.

Have questions about making chai, or about selecting the right gift box this Mother’s Day? Contact us at [email protected] and let us know!

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Want to Give the Perfect Gift This Mother’s Day? Connect with Mum Over a Perfect Cup of Chai