The Spice People and My Market Kitchen Quinoa Fritters video


Make delicious and healthy Quinoa Fritters with the added inclusion of our spices for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

We’ve all heard of the humble corn fritter but for a modern twist what about using a grain like quinoa? We’re so familiar these days with ancient grains and ‘superfoods’ such as quinoa and their wonderful health benefits. Lynton from Channel Ten’s My Market Kitchen uses The Spice People’s Crushed Sumac and Ground Cumin Seeds to make wholesome and delicious quinoa fritters with a Spice People twist.

To learn how easy it is to make these at home watch our video or follow the recipe link below:

Lynton’s Quinoa Fritters Recipe using The Spice People ingredients

The Spice People is proud to provide My Market Kitchen with high quality herbs and spices for all their flavoring needs. To learn more ways in which the My Market Kitchen team have used The Spice People products take a look at our other video excerpt pages: