Love Your Body, Drink Chai Every Day

Happy young couple lying and drinking tea in touristic tent

Here at the Spice People, we absolutely love chai.

I drink chai every day, in fact!

I still love coffee, but I typically only have one cup a day. My partner likes to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, so I’ll drink a cup with him to start my day.

I’ll often have a cup of chai around 3:00 PM every day – it’s my secret little “pick-me-up” for the afternoon. Most days, I have another cup later in the day, too…..our Golden Spice chai is a great nightcap for me, a caffeine free silky brew  right before bedtime.

Looking for ways to incorporate chai into your life on a daily basis?

Here are my 8 best chai tips for you:

  1. Chai doesn’t just taste great – it’s great for you, too!
    Studies have shown that as women age, one of the ways to reduce the effects of menopause is to reduce caffeine, alcohol, and certain foods.Switching from coffee to chai is a healthy and delicious way to decrease the amount of caffeine you consume. By switching from coffee to our People’ Chai or Chilli Choc Chai, you’ll reduce your caffeine intake by 1/3. If you want to completely eliminate caffeine, you can also substitute in our Tumeric, Herbal or Hibiscus chai mixes – they’re all 100% caffeine free!
  2. Follow the seasons when choosing your chai. During the winter months, brew the more heart-warming chais like our People’s Chai, Chilli Choc, or golden spice  Chai. During the summer months, you can brew amazing iced teas with herbal and hibiscus chais, and our herbal tisanes are great during the changes between the seasons.
  3. Let your energy level guide you. If you are feeling sluggish, a cup of Chilli Choc chai or hibiscus chai  can give you a boost and stimulate your metabolism.  One of our customers swears that it helped her lose weight!  While our herbal tisanes are great to calm the  mind and wind down after a long day.
  4. There’s a chai for every occasion! If you’re thirsty after you’ve been exercising, have a Hibuscus Chai….they’re so much better for you than sports drinks! If you’re feeling overheated or stressed, try an herbal chai.
    Need a little indulgence while you’re snuggling together on the couch while you’re watching a movie on a cold winter’s night? Drink a Chilli Choc chai for a wonderful treat (without all the calories of a hot chocolate).
    Chai is also really easy (and fast!) to brew individually – so you can make customized cups for your friends and family when you have people over.
  1. Keep chai on hand as a revitalizing summer drink. Have a pitcher of diluted Hibiscus Chai in the fridge, so you’ll always have a tasty and refreshing drink ready. It’s far better for thirst quenching than plain water, and you’ll want to drink a lot of it.
    Consider adding in a slice of fresh  lemon, ginger, and mint for added zest and flavour in your iced tea – or  try a slice of orange!
  1. Personalize your chai experience. There are no right or wrong choices when it comes to chai, so have fun experimenting with your cup! If you love cinnamon, you can always add a little extra to your brew. Adding a slice of fresh ginger will brighten the flavors and add a little more warmth to your chai.
    I personally love to make a brew of preserved ginger with honey and add a couple slices to my People’s Chai, particularly in winter.
    You can also experiment with different ways to brew your chai.  You can make your People’s Chai latte style, using 1 cup of texturised milk – or make it with 50% hot water and 50% milk (or any combination of milk and water). You can also try different milks, like cow, goat, coconut, or nut milks.
  1. Get the health benefits of hibiscus and turmeric. Hibiscus and turmeric have strong anti-inflammatory properties, so drinking chai with these ingredients can be beneficial for inflammatory diseases like asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and sinusitis. We’ll be talking more about hibiscus later this year, but just as a little preview: It can help with managing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, menstrual pain, and digestion!
  2. Make your chai portable! It’s easy to take your chai the go with our reusable tea bags or disposable tea bags. Our tea bags are made from corn silk, not paper (which can taint the chai flavor).
    When you’re at work, in a restaurant or café, or visiting a friend’s house, just request a cup of hot water or milk and drop in your tea bag.
    This kind of chai may not quite be as good as the fresh brews you make at home with your teapot, but it’s a close second – and bringing your brew with you this way will often get you a far better chai than what a lot of cafés are offering!

Simple Ways to Drink Chai Every Day

Staying healthy doesn’t have to be a chore! It shouldn’t require a lot of extra work, like adding a ton of expensive, hard-to-find supplements to your diet.

If you incorporate chai into your day – and add other spices in your everyday cooking – you will get all the health and mood benefits of these amazing spices. You can also experiment with different varieties of chai, try out new brewing methods, and experiment with your chai add-ins to find the right brew for every mood, energy level, and occasion.

When you drink your chai, you’ll also get to sit down, relax, enjoy the moment, and enjoy a wonderful beverage.

Want to look around in our chai shop? You can check it out here.