The Spice People and My Market Kitchen The People’s Chai

chai at home

The People’s Chai is the perfect staple brew for everyone. We believe a great tasting; healthy chai should be natural. There is no need for additives or sugar or anything else. Our spices are freshly cracked and use ayurvedic wisdom to create a brew overflowing with flavour. The mixture of chai herbs and spices gives a great aromatic taste and warm flavour. It tastes great with any milk, and if you prefer it sweeter, simply add a little honey. Watch our segment on My Market Kitchen below to learn how to brew the perfect warming hug in a mug!


Assam black tea , cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, star anise, fennel, pepper, nutmeg, cloves.

The Spice People is proud to provide My Market Kitchen with high quality herbs and spices for all their flavouring needs. To learn more ways in which the My Market Kitchen team have used The Spice People products take a look at our other video excerpt pages: