Four Ways to Organise Recipes in Your Kitchen

If you love to cook at home, you are likely have tons of recipes scattered all throughout your home, in books , pieces of pepper , sticky notes and some book marks on the iPad or computer. You are probably looking to use them all sooner or later, but you know you would like to have them all available in a neat, organised place in your kitchen. Here are some clever ways to help you organise all of your recipes.

1. Simply search for the recipe on the internet.

There are many great cooking websites like the spice people and food bloggers who have an extensive collection of recipes, just book mark these websites and enter the recipe in the search box such as pumpkin pie recipe Australia, when you want to make them. This way you can try different versions of your favourite recipes for your family.

2. Scan all your recipes electronically.

This method also involves smartphones or tablets. Look for and gather all the recipes that you own and scan them all individually. They should then be saved to your computer. Rename their files accordingly (i.e. “pumpkin pie recipe Australia.jpg” and “sticky toffee pavlova.jpg”). After you have done all that, attach all these recipes in an email to yourself. Next, from your tablet or smartphone, log into your email account and find your message. Download all the recipes so that they are now saved to your handheld device. If your device allows it, you should also create a folder that says “Recipes” and put them all in this folder, so that you can easily find them after taken dozens of new pictures.

You might ask, “Wouldn’t it be easier if I took pictures of all the recipes”? Good question, but you might experience fuzzy, hard-to-read text this way.

3. Use a recipe binder.

If you are not a tech savvy person, or prefer to have a physical collection of recipes, there are easy ways to organise them this way, too. Gather all the recipes you have lying around and put them in binders. These binders can be put on your bookcase so that they are out of the way in your kitchen, and you can take it off the shelf whenever you feel like cooking. For your binders, you will need page protectors to slip each recipe into. The binder should also have sections to put certain recipes in, such as “Chicken”, “Beef”, and “Desserts”. That way, you can easily look for beef bourguignon with wine among all your recipes, and will not waste time reading them one by one.

4. Create a filing cabinet/ basket.

If you prefer to have all your recipes in your kitchen, you can opt to install a file cabinet, like the one in the image . Each category would have its own section, so you can find recipes easily based on alphabetical order. You will need to buy a folder for each category and label each folder on its tab as well. If you don’t need a large office style filing cabinet, you can create a one using a basket or they actually do make filing cabinets smaller, and just for recipes on your kitchen counter, see cabinets for the kitchen which can be made in many different styles, sizes, and colours.

These are just 4 of many clever ways that you have all your recipes in one neat place. Hopefully, there is one that suits your lifestyle and schedule. If it helps, consider throwing out recipes that you never ever cooked. Or copy the few recipes that you love from the many cook books you may have collected over the years. This way, you can save more space in your filing cabinet, handheld device, or binder, and have more room for new recipes in the future.