7 Good Things that Chilli Powder Does to Your Health

Chilli powder is created by drying and pulverising chilli pepper. At times, different kinds of chilli peppers are blended with a few other spices as well. Because of the flavor and pungency that it adds to the dishes, many different recipes like Mexican chilli beef and other cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Korean include it.

Aside from the flavour, many people do not know it but chilli powder can actually bring forth a lot of health benefits. So, you may want to choose a dish for your next meal that has chilli powder whether it is ‘Chipotle’ or ‘Ancho’ because you can reap the good benefits out of it. Here are a few below.

Eye Health

A tablespoon of this spice contains at least 9% of our recommended daily consumption of vitamin A which is responsible for the health of our eyes. Moreover, it can also prevent night blindness and reduce the macular degeneration rate that develops when we get older.

Red Blood Cell Creation

Chilli powder is also rich in iron and copper. These minerals are crucial in the formation of red blood cells. When our body is low in iron, we could develop anaemia and we are more prone to muscular weakness and fatigue. This is why it is suggested that we consume dishes with chilli powder once in a while.

Cognitive Function

Because chilli powder is rich in iron, it helps in increasing the haemoglobin levels of the body thus, improving blood flow. A proper blood flow paired with oxygen to the brain can greatly improve the performance of our cognitive function. Moreover, it also helps prevent the development of illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Blood Pressure

The ratio of potassium to sodium in chilli powder is great. In fact, it is known for its potassium content. A single tablespoon of this spice contains about 144mg of potassium with just 75.8mg of sodium. Because of this, consuming chilli powder can help relax the blood vessels while maintaining a regulated blood pressure.

Digestive Function

Chilli powder also contains high amounts of fibre which is essential to our digestive health because they can stimulate peristaltic motion. Moreover, it can also increase the secretion of different gastric juices. This can make digestion a lot easier and can prevent digestive issues such as constipation and even worse conditions such as colorectal cancer.

Defence Against Infections

Believe it or not, vitamin C is also present in chilli powder. This is very potent and an efficient antioxidant that can make the body resist infections well. Additionally, it can get rid of the free radicals that cause cancer to our bodies as well.

Skin and Hair Health

Aside from resistance against infection and strengthening our immune system, vitamin C helps in the creation and maintenance of collagen. Collagen is a very crucial protein when it comes to the health of our skin and hair. Moreover, like we said above, chilli powder has vitamin A that can be a really good factor to maintain the moisturised state of the hair.

Finally, consuming dishes like Mexican chilli beef that contains chilli powder gives you extra vitamin E that is also essential to maintain skin and hair care.

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    Chilli Ancho ground translates to “wide chilli” in Spanish and it is actually a dried Poblano pepper. They are a large dark purple sweet chilli that form the backbone of staple dishes such as tamales & red chilli beans. Its texture is wrinkled and it is a mild chilli originally from Puebla, Mexico. Also, it is a common and key ingredient in Mexican cuisine. It has a mild fruity flavour with undertones of plum, raisin, tobacco and a slight earthy bitterness. Add Chilli Ancho Dried Ground to your dishes to impart an authentic Mexican flavour.

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