What Spices Are Used for Cooking Delicious Middle Eastern Lamb Recipes?

In Arabic, Baharat is the term used for spices. It is an aromatic blend of native spices that add a distinctive flavour to a variety of the Middle Eastern cuisines. Most of the lamb recipes in this region are made with this versatile spice blend. You can use it as a rub for your meats or to season the meats in the pan. Baharat spices can also be used for garnishing on the meal when serving. The condiments used in this blend are:

Paprika for a Unique Colour:

It is an aromatic ground spice made from sweeter varieties of capsicum called sweet or bell pepper. To make sweet paprika, tomato pepper is the most commonly used variety. It is used to season and add a typical colour to your meat recipes.

Cumin for a Distinctive Aroma:

Cumin is used in both ground and whole form for preparing many Middle Eastern lamb recipes. It is a native spice in the territory spanning from the Middle East to India. Basically, cumin is a dried seed extracted from a herb called Cuminum Cyminum. It is used for adding a distinctive flavour to your lamb recipes.

Coriander for Tart Flavour:

Typically, coriander or cilantro is an edible herb. The fresh leaves and dried seeds of this herb are used in many traditional cuisines. It leaves a lemony or tart taste in the dishes. Before using it in Middle Eastern lamb recipes, whole dried seeds of coriander are roasted or heated in a dry pan to augment their flavour. It is a primary spice used in Baharat.

Cardamom for Pungent Flavour:

The small seed pods of cardamom leave behind a pungent and aromatic flavour in the Middle Eastern cuisines. It is a spice native to the Indian subcontinent. With its intensely aromatic fragrance and smoky taste, cardamom can enhance the flavour of any dish, particularly the lamb recipes.

Nutmeg for Fragrant Aroma:

It is an intriguing spice prepared by grinding the fragrant nutmeg tree seeds into a fine powder. It has a distinctive and pungent smell. This spice tastes slightly sweeter and used in many savoury dishes including lamb recipes.

Cloves for Savoury Taste:

It is the aromatic bud of flowers of a tree that is native to Indonesia. This spice is used in Middle Eastern cuisines to enhance the flavours of meats and curries. You need to use ground cloves for an exceptional taste and fragrance.

Cinnamon for Unique Sweetness:

Cinnamon is the inner bark of a tropical tree that is harvested during the rains. It adds a warm and sweet flavour to the dishes. It works wonders for seasoning and stews in the Middle Eastern cuisines.

These are some amazing spices included in Baharat blend used in a variety of North African and Middle Eastern recipes.

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    The word baharat means “spice” in Arabic and refers to the aromatic blend of spice used throughout North Africa. This versatile spice blend is a great addition to any pantry.This all-purpose blend is as integral to Middle Eastern, particularly Lebanese, cuisine as garam masala is to Indian cuisine. Also similarly to garam masala the blends of baharat are individual to every region. It can be used as a bbq rub for meats, seasoning meat in the pan before stewing or as a garnish on a meal before serving.

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