What Are the Amazing Ways to Use Wattle Seed?

Australian native spices are loved for their distinctive taste and aromatic flavours. Wattleseed is a nutritious grain known for its unique chocolaty or coffee-like flavour. It can be used in sweet and savoury dishes to enhance their flavour. There are nearly 700 varieties of acacia plant that bear seed pods. Majority of these are poisonous and unfit to consume.

As many as 120 species of this plant are edible. This spice has a low glycaemic index that allows slow absorption of carbohydrates. In the current context, Wattleseed is grown commercially for its unique flavour. The varieties like Acacia Victoriae, Prickly Wattle, Acacia Retinodes, Mulga, and Wirilda are considered to be the best. Traditionally, seeds of these plants are dried and roasted for making a lot of dishes. Here are some interesting uses of these seeds:

Wattleseed for Desserts:

As an iconic Australian bush food, Wattleseed is used in many preparations including desserts. It can be used for making delicious and decadent sorbets, ice-creams, cheesecakes, whipped creams, and mousse. It tastes amazing in pancakes. One of the most popular Wattleseed recipes includes crumble that combines plain flour, hazelnuts, brown sugar, and roasted ground seeds of wattle.

Wattleseed for Salad Dressing:

There are many ways to use Wattleseed in your daily food. You can sprinkle it over salads. Add cubed watermelon, radish, and spring onion to your salad mix. Sprinkle it with roasted Wattleseed for the delicious nutty flavour.

Wattleseed for Bread:

As mentioned earlier, Wattleseed recipes include every type of food from bread to Pavlova. When making any of these recipes, you should mix roasted ground Wattleseed with liquid by boiling or heating. You can either add the strained infusion or include Wattleseed grounds in your recipes. They add an extra texture and colour to your dishes. When making bread, substitute your wheat flour with at least 3% of Wattleseed. It can also be substituted when baking pancakes, muffins, and banana bread.

Wattleseed for Risotto:

If you want to take your cooking skills a level higher, try an amazing recipe that combines Wattleseed with other ingredients for making a delectable risotto. Use baked sweet potato and mushroom to make this dish. For some quick bites, add Wattleseed to spiced oranges for improving their taste. You can add this spice to cream with sugar and top the oranges with this cream. Top it with slivered almonds and nuts for a distinctive flavour.

Wattleseed for Daily Cereals:

You can store Wattleseed liquid for adding it to your daily breakfast. Simply boil them in water and keep this mixture in the fridge. Whenever preparing porridge, muesli, or cereals for breakfast, you can add little of this mixture to improve flavour of these dishes. It is extremely healthy and tasty as well.

These are some amazing recipes prepared from Wattleseed.