How Can You Use Edible Rose Petals in Sweet and Savoury Dishes?

Each variety of rose offers a distinct floral and sweet flavour. With their subtle scent and inviting flavours ranging from strawberry to green apple, rose petals are a welcome addition to your culinary creations. Roses that have been treated with chemicals and pesticides are not fit for consumption hence, best avoided. You certainly do not want to take the risk and invite trouble.

It is advisable to cut off the small white portion at the bottom of the edible rose petals owing to their bitter taste which will not complement your dish. Thereafter wash your rose petals very gently and lay them out to dry on a kitchen towel. Enumerated below are the different ways in which you can incorporate this delicate ingredient into your savoury and sweet preparations:

Spice Mix

Dried rose petals when mixed with other savoury spices like turmeric, cumin, pepper, coriander, cinnamon, and clove, makes a flavourful dry rub for lamb, quail, poultry and other meats.

Infused Beverages

Edible rose petals when mixed into fruity beverages like juices, lemonades, and even iced tea, lend a beautiful floral freshness to the drink. You can even make delightful rose infused tea by keeping the petals immersed in hot water for a while.

Sweet Garnish

Beat egg whites gently, brush each petal with beaten egg white and then dip the petals in granulated sugar. Allow the petals to dry and harden by laying them out on butter paper. These candied rose petals make a pretty garnish for desserts and cakes. You can even pop some of these delicate creations into your mouth when you crave for something sweet after a meal.

Refreshing Salads

As a lovely looking addition to crunchy green salads or even fruit salads, add fresh rose petals along with other herbs for that welcoming burst of freshness on a hot summer day. You can simply uplift the taste of such a salad by mixing through a subtle dressing.

Jam-Packed with Goodness

Rose petals can be used to make a delicious jam with other simple ingredients. It has a lovely rich colour, can be eaten along with scones and muffins or simply spread on toast for a lip-smacking breakfast. Alternately, this jam can also be used as a filling to enhance the flavour of plain doughnuts.

Fresh rose petals should ideally be used within two hours of plucking them. To prevent them from wilting you can even refrigerate them for up to one week. Dried rose petals must be stored in a sealed glass 必利勁
container and kept away from direct sunlight. Whether added to soups, salads, entrees or desserts, rose petals add colour, flavour, and a subtle fragrance. This interesting ingredient is best sourced from online vendors who specialize in the culinary line.