The Ultimate Spice Guide to Moroccan Carrot Soup

Soups made at home are packed with flavours and loaded with nutritious ingredients. Apart from being comfort food, this one pot of goodness is a soothing companion on a cold dreary day. A bowl of hearty soup helps lift your spirits and does not involve much prep work.

We have outlined the most important spices  to create a delicious  Moroccan carrot soup but if you want  to make it  the quick and easy way use our Moroccan Ras el Hanout spice mix and follow this  easy Moroccan carrot soup recipe

To build flavours for your soup, begin by sweating the base ingredients. Generously season with herbs and spices and for the liquid element, use broth instead of plain water. The spices incorporated into a creamy Moroccan carrot soup are:

Medicinal Ground Ginger

Being a versatile ingredient, this spice is used in varied forms. Fresh and powdered ginger is used for making savoury dishes while dried ginger is ideal for sweet recipes. When squeezed, fresh ginger releases an aromatic juice which is also added to uplift beverages like tea. Its health benefits include relieving pain, motion sickness, nausea and loss of appetite.

Earthy Cumin Seeds

A common spice, cumin helps regulate blood sugar and aids digestion. Whole cumin should be added to hot oil and allowed to crackle before adding the remaining ingredients. Cumin seeds when toasted emanate an earthy aroma as their natural oils get released. If overcooked, the seeds tend to get slightly bitter. These seeds are a rich source of iron, promote digestion and help treat inflammatory diseases.

Aromatic Ground Coriander

To make coriander powder, grind lightly toasted and crushed coriander seeds. These seeds have an intense aroma and delightful flavour. Coriander is used in its fresh, whole and powdered forms. It has medicinal properties as it keeps a check on one’s cholesterol levels, helps tackle diabetes, eases digestion and facilitates hair growth. A pinch of this flavourful spice has been used as an essential condiment in savoury dishes for ages.

Smoky Crushed Chilli Flakes

For a slight kick of heat, brightness and added flavour, chilli flakes are added to Moroccan carrot soup. When sprinkled sparingly, red chilli flakes are a welcome addition to many recipes. They help bring out the flavour of the other ingredients just right and moderately spice the dish. In addition, chilli flakes help control weight, clear congestion in your throat and lungs, boost immunity and prevent stomach ulcers.

Fragrant Ground Cinnamon

Known as a delightfully exotic spice, cinnamon adds a well-balanced depth of flavour to the soup. It has a pungent taste and smell and is known for its culinary and medicinal properties. Cinnamon adds a sweet aromatic flavour to every recipe and when consumed, it leaves behind a refreshing, warm, and comforting effect. It is also known to settle your stomach, improve blood circulation, digestion, and boost your metabolism.

This visually appealing and wholesome soup is served with a dollop of yoghurt. For that crunch element, sprinkle roasted chickpeas once served.