What Are the Health Benefits of Using Nigella Seeds in Your Cooking?

Widely used as a spice that garnishes flatbreads wonderfully in Indian and Mediterranean cuisines, Nigella seeds are packed with flavour and are used widely in vegetarian recipes across the globe. These tiny black seeds are grown in Asia and are also referred to as Kalonji.

These seeds are packed with all the right flavours but are milder in taste compared to other spices. They provide a nutty flavour to the dish and taste slightly less pungent when compared to onions. The versatility of these seeds is not just limited to Indian flatbreads and African white breads, but can also be used in rice and salads to spruce the dishes up a little bit. This spice can also be used in egg or cheese-based dishes and can also make pancakes and smores taste a little bit more captivating.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should grab a bottle of Nigella seeds from the convenience store the next time you visit, you must first know that this spice isn’t just all about its flavour but there are several health benefits attached to its name.

A Whole Lot Of Minerals

First things first, no matter how tiny these seeds may seem, they are loaded with all the right vitamins and minerals including amino acids, saponin, proteins, iron, sodium and are known to sport anti-carcinogenic or anti-cancerous properties. This is what makes them the perfect remedy to curb several health related problems.

The Three Prime Effects

The most crucial health benefits of the Nigella Seeds include aiding potential or existing breathing and respiratory problems, it helps in keeping your heart healthy and it acts as a great lubricant for your joints, in order to keep them in the best condition possible, and also to relieve any kind of pain.

Skin Benefits

When directly consumed, these seeds have the potential to maintain the health of your skin. If at all you have persistent acne on your face, using the oil made from the seeds can prove to be extremely helpful in getting rid of the blemishes when you apply it on the affected areas.

Maximizing Your Brain Power

Another really wonderful benefit if the seed is that it helps boost your memory and enables you to breathe easier, especially if you’re suffering from asthma. Have a spoonful of honey mixed with ground seeds every morning in order to ensure that your memory is improved.

It Fits Your Diet

Another effective health benefit linked to these wonderful black seeds is fat loss. If you’re on a diet and you’re looking for foods that will support all your weight loss efforts, ground Kalonji can be added to warm honey water with a drop of lemon in it.

These are some of the few health benefits that make Nigella seeds a great ingredient to incorporate in your next dish.

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    Nigella seeds are a small and triangular exotic spice. The seeds are black and have a nutty sharp flavour and pungent aroma. Even tough they can be incorrectly called black sesame seeds or black onion seeds, these are completely different. They are widely used in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. They are most commonly used in Turkish bread and are used in the Indian five seed blend Panch Poran.

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