All You Need to Know About Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is taking the coffee drinkers by storm! The concentrated taste with incredible flavours, cold brew coffee can really change the taste of your regular cuppa. This article will tell you about different brewing methods and how you can perfect your very own brew at home!

That being said, here are the most common methods to cold brew. Based on each of these methods, you can change the taste, consistency, and acidic level of your coffee.

Immersion or Mizudashi Coffee

This is the simplest and the most commonly used method used by coffee enthusiasts. Just add cool water to ground coffee in a container such as one offered by Hario Cold Brew. Allow it to sit for 18-24 hours and then strain the grounds. Your cold brew coffee is ready to serve!

This method is incredibly simple and makes coffee that much more enjoyable. Mizudashi, also known as ‘water extracted’ in Japanese, makes your cold brew a balanced beverage with low acidic levels and bitterness. You don’t need any additional equipment other than the special coffee pot.

Ice Drip Method

Ice drop cold brew is often seen local coffee shops. The tall glass towers are an elegant equipment that are also simple to use. The cold water gradually drips over coffee grounds and then further drips into the container as a cold brew,

The resultant coffee has rich flavours with a thick consistency like a syrup. Ice drip users believe that it brings out the true taste of coffee. However, unlike immersion method, this one may take slightly more investment of both time and money. It takes almost an entire day for the device to make your cold brew and requires a special container.

Japanese Iced Method

This is not exactly a cold brew coffee but it is not iced either. This cold brew method is included in this list because it has certain advantages.

Japanese Iced Coffee basically brews hot coffee on to ice. However, by brewing hot coffee onto ice, the Japanese are able to retain its aroma and still get the sweetness of a cold brew.

Apart from the taste, Japanese Iced method is also far less time consuming than the other two methods. For someone who doesn’t have 8-24 hours to brew their cup can use this method that can give you a speedy solution without compromising the taste.

But it is important to note that as soon as you pour hot coffee over ice cubes, they will start to melt. Therefore, it is important to take dilution into consideration when brewing your hot coffee. You will also have to forgo the ease of making large batches at a time. It is ideal to make one cup at a time.

Now that you know the three methods, which one is most suited to your taste and preference? Do give these methods a try and you will never see coffee the same way again!