Tips to Use Rose Petals in Your Cuisine

Roses are not just the most fragrant flowers, but they also have plenty of applications from your skincare to your kitchen.

In this article, we will see how rose petals can be used in your everyday lives to enrich your meals and to make your cuisine more aromatic.

Rose Petal and Vegetable Salad

Eat your greens this time with a twist. You can now dress your salad up with some rose petals to add some colour and taste to your boring vegetable salad. All rose varieties can be eaten and can add a lot of flavour too. Just sprinkle some different coloured rose petals to make things interesting. It will not only look more appetizing but smell nice too!

Sprinkle Some on Your Toast

Tired of eating the same boring toast everyday? You can now make it more savoury by sprinkling some crushed rose petal leaves on your spread. You can also add some colour by putting white rose petals on your peanut butter toast.

Rose Tea

The floral taste of rose in a tea is known to taste royally good. You can simply seep some rose petals in hot water and green tea. Let it sit for sometime before serving. You can also add them in iced tea. Freeze some rose petals in ice cubes and put them in your iced tea for colour and flavour.

Candied Petals

Imagine treating your guests with candied petals! They are not only used for garnishing but can also be used to add a unique essence to your dessert. It is very easy to make candied petals at home. If you are wondering Where to Buy Rose Petals, you can easily find them online these days. Just dip these rose petals in egg white and then cover them with granulated sugar. Allow it to dry on a wax paper and serve when hardened.

Rose Water

Rose water is not only used for skincare treatments but can also be used in your kitchen to add aroma to dishes. When baking a cake, you can infuse the flavour or rose by adding rose water to it. You can also spritz some of it on your other baked goods for its wholesome flavour. It is very easy to prepare rose water at home. Simply boil rose petals in water and allow it to seep for sometime. Strain the petals and store the water in a cool dry place.

Granola Mix

Have you ever tried granola with dried cranberries, honey, rose petals, and apricots? Try it this time and thank us later! You can also eat it with vanilla yogurt for a quick healthy snack on the go with the goodness of roses.

There are many other things you can do with rose petals. Apart from these recipes, you can get creative and add it to whatever recipe you seem fit. Rose petals are readily available these days and can easily become a must-have in your kitchen!