Celebrating International Curry Week with my favorite curries from around the globe

There are few excuses I need to make and devour a delicious curry but I can think of no excuse greater to make seven in one week than International Curry Week. Founded by the late Peter Grove in 1998, and highly anticipated every year since. For us avid curry fiends this is the most sacred of weeks and an annual tradition I’m always sure to uphold. To celebrate, I’ve collated 7 of my favourite curries from around the world, one for each night of the week. So, gear up and join me in my curry-a-day mission starting October 7th.

Now I know sometimes making a curry from scratch can seem a little daunting but with our regional curry blends the hard spice blending and balancing work is done for you so you can be on your way to curry heaven in just 3 simple steps. So, without further ado, here are my top curry in a hurry picks:

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Curry Malaysian Rendang– Malaysian food is one of my favourite cuisines and top of my list has to be a Beef Rendang. It’s a medium-spiced curry enriched with kaffir lime, curry leaves and ketjap manis (sweet soy sauce). This curry is rich, caramelized and almost dry creating an intense depth of flavour. For a milder, sweeter sauce, try adding a little coconut milk. I like to serve mine with coconut rice, some crispy roti or steamed Asian greens.

Vadouvan French Curry– Vadouvan is the French version of a curry. Whilst for most of us curry isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think French cuisine, this one is an absolute winner! Usingall the traditional Indian spices such as turmeric, curry leaves, fenugreek, cumin, cloves and cardamom, it is given a fresh French twist with the addition of members the Allium family such as shallots, onions and garlic, which sweetens and softens the dish. This one is super mild in heat so suitable for the whole family.

Japanese Nagano– Japanese Nagano is a mild curry blend that works well with chicken, beef and vegetables. This unique curry is made fresh and sweet with the addition of apples and onions. I discovered this curry on a trip to Japan and it’s become a regular in my cooking repertoire ever since.

Indian Lamb Masala Curry– Now we can’t talk about curries without mentioning at least a few of my favourite Indian dishes; a part of the world most famous for their incredible curry spices. Indian Lamb Masala is a simple all-purpose curry blend that’s mild in heat and suitable for the whole family. Combined with lamb it produces an intense and richly flavoured curry. With just a few ingredients, this curry is a staple dish in my house and is a ‘set and forget’ job. I serve this with saffron rice and fluffy naan bread to mop up all of that rich curry sauce.

Curry Lentil Dahl– A great option for vegetarians or meatless-Monday is our Curry Lentil Dahl. It’s a mild Indian curry made from dried lentils, peas or beans made into a thick soup-like stew. Our Lentil Dahl blend is based on an authentic recipe from Southern Kerala in India and is a great wholesome meal on its own served with rice and naan or an aromatic side dish to some chicken, lamb or fish. I like to add a dollop of natural yoghurt and some coriander on top to freshen things up and add a little tang.

South African Cape Malay Lamb– I love dishes created from the fusion of different cultures. The origins of this curry were derived from the many Indonesian immigrants who settled in Cape Malay during the 17th century. The spices are very Indonesian in flavour but the addition by the Cape locals of fruits and vegetables creates a sweet, mild and aromatic curry that is reminiscent of African tagine-style dishes andcharacterized by the combination of sweet cinnamon and savoury spices like cardamom. This distinctive, authentic curry is full-bodied and rich often made with the sweet, creamy addition of coconut milk. It’s traditionally served with rice but it is just as good with mashed potatoes. If you are new to curries and particularly wary of anything spicy then this is a great starting place.

Indian Butter Chicken– It seems fitting to wrap up the week with a family favourite like Indian Butter Chicken. This mild, creamy and buttery tomato-based curry is a favourite amoung so many and definitely a great one for kids. Our blend is fragrant and aromatic with the use of traditional Indian herbs like Fenugreek leaves. Served atop fluffy saffron rice and garnished with cream, butter and coriander this an ultra-decadent curry that’s bowl-licking good!

That’s a wrap on my curry-filled week with 7 totally different and unique curries that are equally delicious and equally easy to make. Find all of these blends plus more in our Curries of the World Value Pack. At just $29.95 you can create international culinary cuisines from the comfort of your kitchen in a flash. This pack includes 10 regional speciality blends from countries most famous for their rich, flavoursome curries. Cook the globe and enjoy the sumptuous flavours of India, Japan, France, Africa and Malaysia quickly and easily with our simple 3-step curry in a hurry guide that’s included on each packet. Each packet of spices is created to include enough for 1kg -1.5kg of meat happily feeding a family of 6-8.

So, get creating and experimenting with me this National Curry Week- beginning October 7thso you can cook along with me. See you all then!

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