5 Spices You Can’t Do Without When Preparing Beef Madras Curry

The aroma of Madras beef curry is awesome, and its colour is even more amazing. All this is because of rich spices added to it.

This curry originated from Southern India and was named after its city, Madras. Over time, numerous variations of this curry have been introduced. But, some of its core spices remain the same. If you want to pep up your beef Madras Curry Recipe with its savoury flavours, then here check the 5 spices which you cannot afford to miss.


Tamarind is a tree that produces fruit containing edible pulp. The fruit contains acidulous and juicy pulp of reddish brown colour. This fruit is sweet and sour in taste and contains high levels of tartaric acid, B vitamins, sugar, and calcium.

A paste of tamarind is prepared and added to the curry to give it a sweet, tangy taste. It is a key ingredient of the curry and is must to add to boost its flavour.


This spice gives the Madras curry its musky, earthy fragrance and flavour. These are yellow seeds that look almost like wheat kernels. In addition to the seeds, some individuals love adding dried fenugreek leaves to their recipe.

Since these seeds have a strong fragrance, so they must be used in appropriate quantity. Overusing it can hamper the flavour of the entire dish.


This is another important ingredient for the curry. It is produced as rhizome and has a deep yellow-rich colour. Additionally, it has a host of health benefits.

The fresh turmeric has a strong flavour and has an earthy, pungent fragrance. Adding turmeric to curry gives it a beautiful golden colour.


Nutmeg comes with a flavourful, dark red coloured covering. This covering is called mace. Both nutmeg and mace are cooked and dried till they turn golden-orange.

It has a warm flavour that lasts much forever. Hence, it is added in the last so that the flavour of the curry lasts longer.


This is one of the most used Indian spices and is known for its ridged texture and golden-yellow colour. Coriander seeds have a rich aroma of citrus notes.

Whole coriander is grounded to prepare a fine powder, which is then added to the curry. You need to dry-roast coriander till it turns light golden-brown in colour.

These are the most important spices for a perfect Beef Madras Curry Recipe, but there are other spices too that are added to this dish. Black pepper, cinnamon, aisle, and chilli paprika are the other spices added to it.

Just add these spices in the desired quantity and prepare a delicious Madras curry filled with rich flavours and lasting aroma. Choose to buy them from a reputable source to get the authentic flavours.

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