What Makes Hario the Best Cold Brew Maker in the World? 

When it’s time to enjoy your leisurely alfresco drinks, Hario is the legendary brand that satisfies every taste. It offers the easy and affordable cold brew method for tea lovers. The speciality tea equipment from Hario is known for its superior quality and ease of use. You can brew mild flavours of your favourite tea leaves, herbs, fruits, or chai to create a refreshing and healthy beverage. But, before you buy Hario Cold Brew, here are the factors that make it a trusted brand globally:

Simple Design

Hario is a trusted brand with decades of experience in producing high-quality tea brewing equipment to serve every need. The first thing that amazes about Hario products is the simplicity with which they are made. The filter bottle for tea brews comes with a removable bottle spout and a silicone rubber stopper. The clean and uncluttered appearance of the cold brew filter bottle gives the impression that preparing your beverages wouldn’t be complicated with this product.

High-Quality Materials

Hario brew bottle has a unique combination of high-quality materials and simple design. It has a heatproof glass carafe and the filter mesh is made from high-quality polypropylene. The materials are chosen carefully to keep the cost low and make this product accessible to all the tea lovers. Since it is made of glass, you should be a little cautious when handling the cold brew bottle.

Easy To Use

As mentioned above, Hario is known for the ease of use offered by its product. The cold brew filter bottle also carries forward the same legacy. All you need to do is to add 500 ml of cold and filtered water to your favourite blend of tea, herbs, or chai. Replace the removable filter and keep the brew in the fridge for 3-6 hours. Your favourite beverage is ready to refresh you.

The Perfect Mild Flavour

When tea is brewed with hot water, tannin and caffeine are extracted. They cause bitterness in the taste. However, when you brew your tea slowly at low temperature, it extracts compounds like amino acids and theanine that lend a sweet taste to your teas. Also, cold brew tea gives a mild flavour and it extracts vitamin C that benefits your health.

Easy Cleanup

When compared to other products, Hario cold brew systems offer the easiest cleanup method as well. To clean this filter bottle, you can simply pull out the filter basket from the top of the bottle. Now dump the grounds and finally rinse the bottle with cold water. The sturdy design and high-quality materials of this product make it dishwasher safe as well.

Finally, these bottles come with reusable filters. If you rinse them properly after every use, you can make the most of your investment for a much longer time.

Our Hario range includes:

  • Hario Japanese glass teapot with large infuser

    Our Stunning  chacha kyusu teapot from Hario is as functional as it is beautiful.
    It is made from heat proof  super tough glass so it won’t break easily!
    This particular design has an extra large infuser which  is perfect to brew your chai.
    The wide stainless steel fine mesh infuser ensures the tea leaves and spices are not choked during the brewing process.
    The filter is built into the design but is easily removed for disposal of tea leaves and cleaning.
    450ml capacity
    Easy to use and clean
    Makes 2 cups
    Tough heat resistant glass
    Built in stainless steel fine mesh strainer

  • Chai Tea Ultimate Gift Box Set with Hario Glass Tea Pot

    Show someone how much you care with our bespoke Chai blends. We all deserve a bit of time out to relax and do something for themselves. What better way to relax than with a warm cup of chai. We have up 6 different varieties to suit any taste buds. Our blends and accessories give you everything you need to quickly and easily make the perfect treat to enjoy at anytime of the day. Show that someone special how much you care with the gift of time and relaxation.

    How to choose the perfect blend …

    Hibiscus Chai
    A refreshing mix of chai spices sweetened with hibiscus flowers and mint.

    Chilli Choc chai
    Chai spices and assam black tea blended with cocoa and ancho chilli

    Herbal Chai
    This brew is for the pure of heart, just add hot water and slice of lemon for a soothing afternoon brew.

    Golden spice chai
    A warming and therapeutic brew of chai spices combined with the healing benefits of turmeric.

    The people’s chai
    A magical blend of authentic masala chai spices and assam cut leaf tea.

    Matcha Chai

    Ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder with chai spices, lemon myrtle and rose petals. A fantastic energy and vitality boost.

    Want to learn more? Click on the different chai to read more about their unique qualities and watch our instructional videos on how to make the perfect chai .

    1 *Packet of chai of your choice -select either: the people’s chai, herbal, chilli choc, hibiscus, matcha, or golden spice chai(choose from the drop down box below)
    1* Hario glass tea pot 450ml with larger stainless steel mesh infuser
    1* Chai sprinkles- the perfect topping
    1* Stainless steel spice shaker
    1* Gift bag and ribbon.
    PS You can add additional varieties by selecting – continue shopping after you have added this to the cart.
    PPS Short on time – Our express postage is only $10.00 Australia wide.

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