What Do You Need For A Perfect Indian Dahl Recipe

Do you wish to prepare delicious Dahl recipe like that prepared in Indian restaurants? Well, this nutritious, economical and flavoured dish is outrageously easy to prepare. Also called daal or dal, it is used with a blend of spices and can be prepared either as the main dish or as a side. Dal comes in several varieties across India and you will need to select the best one for your recipe. Click Here to check out our recipe for Indian Lentil Dahl.

Lentils to Choose From:

Split Bengal Gram or Channa Dahl

Channa dal is nothing but baby chickpeas that has been polished and split. It is a very popular ingredient in Indian cuisines. It tastes and appears like sweet corn kernels. This delicious and nutritious dahl can be digested easily and offers a thick texture to the recipe.

Split Pigeon Peas or Toor Dhal

This yellow coloured lentil is oblong in shape and has a soft, nutty flavour. It is commonly used for preparing Indian dahl recipe. You can even cook it with vegetables and cereals to create a balanced diet. They have high levels of carbohydrates, vitamins and dietary fibre.

Moong Bean or Green Gram

This is a small, round bean that has an olive-green color on the outside and an off-white or mustard color on the inside. It is often used in preparing dahl recipe since it can be cooked quickly. It has an earthy flavour and can be cooked best with assertive flavourings.

Spices Used

Now that you have selected the right lentil, it’s time to look at the spices. Dahl requires fewer spices than any typical Indian curry

Garam Masala

It is a blend of ground spices that are extensively used in Indian cuisines. It includes a mixture of cumin, coriander, cloves, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon. The spices are generally tossed to bring in more aroma and flavour.

Black Pepper

This widely loved spice has a sharp and pungent aroma and offers a rich flavour to the Indian dahl recipe. Whole peppercorns give out the best flavour when they are added just when the recipe is coming to a close.

Coriander Seeds

They are one of the most commonly included spices in Indian recipes. This golden-yellow coloured spice has a rigid structure and is used as a base for other spice mixes. Wowever, you will need to dry-roast it until a golden-brown tinge appears on the seeds

Curry Leaves and Tadka

Curry leaves and Tadka spices are some of the final ingredients needed to complete a delicious Dahl recipe. Tadka refers to the mixture of spices that are tempered in hot oil and is poured over the cooked dahl. It adds nice aroma and flavor to the recipe. It is made using black mustard seeds, cumin, and dried red chilies and is optional. You can go easy on red chillies if you do not wish to make your dhal very hot.

The dahl recipe is extremely easy to prepare. With the right blend of spices and lentils, you will have this delicious dish prepared in no time. This healthy and tasty dish can blossom your taste buds by adding in great flavours and aroma.

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