5 Ways to Cook with Nigella Seeds

Nigella Seeds

One amazing thing about natural spices and herbs is the natural aroma and beauty they possess. The Nigella Seeds, for instance, are seeds obtained from a flower found in Syria, Turkey, and parts of Iraq. These are tiny black seeds, extensively used in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking. But their use is not limited to these regions only. The seeds have a bitter and nutty flavour that is quite similar to an onion, and hence, they are used in various forms across the globe.

If you want to explore the best uses of nigella seeds in cooking, then here check the 5 best methods.

Nigella Seeds in Curry

These seeds are frequently used in Middle Eastern, Indian, and North African cuisines. The most common way to use them is in preparing curries and lentil dishes. These seeds have a bitter yet tangy flavour and adding them to curries and lentils enhances the overall flavour of the dish.

You can use these seeds in any type of curry. The best part is that despite its strong flavour it never intervenes with the flavour and taste of other spices used in curry preparation. It only enhances the taste.

Nigella Seeds with Root Vegetable Dishes

Another way to use nigella seeds in cooking is by pairing them with root vegetable dishes. You can pair them with any vegetable of your choice. The seeds can be added at the initial stage of cooking or can be added in the end. If you add them at the end then their flavour remains more prominent.

Nigella Seeds in Paanch Poran

One popular way to use nigella seeds in cooking is in a Bengal spice known as paanchporan. The seeds are used along with other spices such as mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek, and fennel seeds. The seeds are mixed with all these spices and then added to various recipes from Bengali cuisine in order to give them a distinguished and enhanced flavour.

Nigella Seeds Seasoned Over Naan/Bread

Nigella seeds have a strong taste and aroma that have notes similar to oregano, onion, and black pepper. For this reason, these seeds are great to season over Indian bread. Indian Naan and other types of bread can be seasoned with nigella seeds to give them an extra crunch. The good thing is that using these seeds alone can give your bread a beautiful look as well.

Nigella Seeds as Garnishing

If you love eating salads and are always looking out for ways to give them a unique flavour then one amazing way is to garnish your salad recipes with Nigella seeds. Because of its savoury and strong flavour, it can be added to any salad. Such characteristics ensure that when they are paired with your end dish, the outcome is awesome and more delectable.

The good thing about Nigella seeds is that they have numerous health benefits. The seeds possess rich antioxidant properties and can help deal with inflammatory issues, particularly related to skin. It also delivers gastrointestinal benefits. Now you know the different ways to use nigella seeds in cooking, so practice them right away.

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    Nigella seeds are a small and triangular exotic spice. The seeds are black and have a nutty sharp flavour and pungent aroma. Even tough they can be incorrectly called black sesame seeds or black onion seeds, these are completely different. They are widely used in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. They are most commonly used in Turkish bread and are used in the Indian five seed blend Panch Poran.

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