5 Recipes That Include Five Spice Powder

Spice Powder

Chinese cuisine has a fragrant spice blend which lends a distinct tangy sweet flavour to its specialities. As the name suggests, this mix combines cloves, star anise, cassia cinnamon, fennel seeds, and Szechuan peppercorns.

Five spice powder has spread its magic internationally with many incorporating this aromatic mix to enhance their local flavours. Listed here are five recipes that include this heavenly concoction:

Apple and Raisin Muffins

The use of spices is not just restricted to savoury recipes but also extends to sweet delicacies like this one. Adding five spice to diced apples while cooking them slightly releases their heavenly aromas. This seeps through the rest of the mixture when the other ingredients are duly combined.

Besides apples and raisins, this muffin recipe also includes mashed bananas, oats, and staples like flour, milk, oil, and eggs. All these ingredients combine well and result in a mouth-watering comforting treat.

Healthy Chicken Stir Fry

A great lean protein like chicken is a popular healthy addition to everyone’s staple diet. When cooked with rice, it results in a wholesome one-pot meal. The addition of five spice powder gives the plain rice a welcome twist.
Preferably cook the boneless bite-sized chunks of chicken in chicken stock, for added flavour. Cooking the chicken with red chillies, fresh ginger, and garlic cloves enhance the entire dish further.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Five spice is truly versatile given that it even combines well with vegetarian ingredients. While making the filling for a spring roll, stir-fry the bamboo shoots, ginger, mushrooms, and water chestnuts in around a tablespoon of this spice mix.
Just a dash of spice uplifts the vegetables giving you a lovely taste each time you bite into the spring roll. Spring rolls can be made in advance and frozen. It is better to defrost them slightly before frying them in time for serving.

Coconut Fish Curry

For this recipe, a spice paste comprising green chilli, vegetable oil, lemon juice, coriander, and chilli flakes is ground. While preparing the actual curry, add some of this spice paste to the fish along with a sprinkling of five spice powder, cumin, and curry powder. Subsequently, when the fish is brought to a boil in the coconut milk, all the spices used to release their heavenly aromas.

Spiced Fried Okra

Okra cut lengthwise and coated in gram flour before frying them crisp in hot oil makes for a yummy snack. As soon as you take them out once fried, sprinkle over some five spice powder as well as generous pinches of salt and chilli powder. Give the okra a good toss, so all the spices are evenly combined.

This pleasing spice mix perfectly blends salty, sour, spicy, sweet, and bitter flavours.

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    Five Spice Powder – Chinese, Mild

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    Chinese Five Spice powder is a spice mixture of five spices used primarily in Chinese cuisine but also used in other Asian and Arabic cookery. It is also commonly used in Asian cocktails for a warm spice kick. The dominant flavour comes from star anise with the sweet flavour of cloves and cinnamon that combine to give a sweet tangy profile that works well with rich meats like duck. This exotic and versatile blend is usually used to add sweet but spicy flavour to savoury and sweet dishes.

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