What Should You Know Before Making Your First Pumpkin Pie in Australia?

Pumpkin Pie

The waft of a freshly baked pumpkin pie is truly heavenly and inviting. To achieve a perfectly flaky crust with a well-set filling takes a fair amount of practice. There are a lot of factors which determine how your pie eventually turns out.

While attempting to reproduce a pumpkin pie recipe Australia for the very first time, keep in mind the below-mentioned guidelines:

Consistency of the Filling

Puree your pumpkins at home for the filling after you roast them first in a low oven. Roasting removes the excess moisture from the pumpkin, encourages evaporation, and retains the flavour of the vegetable. Subsequently, puree the roasted pumpkin and thereafter cook it on the fire till it reduces and thickens in consistency.

Homemade purees tend to be a lot runnier than the canned variety. Following the above steps ensures the filling does not make the crust soggy. Neither will the custard-like mixture leak out once spooned into the pie crust which acts as a protective casing.

Crust Matters

Before making the dough for the pie crust, make sure you chill all the required ingredients. Once the dough mix is well combined, chill the ball of dough to enable you to roll out even discs to line the baking tin. These discs should also be chilled and subsequently blind baked in a preheated oven.

In this manner, you achieve a flaky crust for your pumpkin pie recipe Australia. Lightly brush the crust with egg wash to achieve a pleasant golden sheen during the baking process. If you fail to blind bake your empty pie shell, it is bound to get soggy as you dollop spoonfuls of the creamy filling into it.

Choice of Baking Pan

Baking the pumpkin pie in a Pyrex dish allows you to monitor the progress made while your pie bakes. Apart from being an efficient heat conductor, Pyrex ensures your crust attains a lovely golden brown tinge while baking.

Aluminium pans tend to overheat, which results in a burnt pie. Though ceramic pans look elegant, their drawback is they heat up slowly. Once you remove the dish from a hot oven, it retains the high temperature for a considerable length of time. With this, you run the risk of an over-baked pie.

Well Set Pie Filling

The filling of a pumpkin pie is more akin to a custard. The pie must be taken out of the oven when the filling is slightly wobbly as the custard sets completely while cooling outside. A crack on the top of the pie is an indication of an over baked custard. Camouflage the cracks by decorating them with whipped cream.

Take pride in your culinary creations and relish them with your loved ones.

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