5 Best Wattleseed Recipes that will Surely Impress Your Guests

Wattleseed Recipes

Roasted and Ground Wattleseed boasts of medicinal properties and a nutty flavour. Owing to its versatility, it is popularly uses in savoury and sweet dishes. Being high in protein and several minerals, we Australians are fortunate to have this wonder spice native to our region.

As a flavouring, wattleseed is quite a versatile spice. Its subtle coffee aroma gels well with baked treats, pancakes, as well as salads and stews. Source it locally to reproduce these amazing wattleseed recipes:

Aussie Roast Chicken

What makes this recipe so uniquely Australian is the use of ground native herbs and spices to marinate the chicken. The main protein absorbs the intoxicating flavours of pepperberry, lemongrass, bush tomato, coriander seeds, lemon myrtle, wattleseed and freshly minced ginger.

First combine the spices, rub them well into the chicken, allow it to sit for a while and subsequently roast the chicken till tender. The pan juices are thickened slightly for the gravy accompaniment. When served with boiled and roasted potatoes, this dish makes for a hearty Aussie dinner.

Chocolate Wattleseed Mousse

Wattleseed when combined with chocolate and lemon myrtle cream sauce makes for a heavenly treat. To make the mousse whisk together dark cooking chocolate, orange juice and butter. Add ground wattleseed, cocoa powder and egg yolks to this mix before setting it aside to cool. Subsequently, egg whites and whipped cream are incorporated into the chocolate mixture.

Beat ground lemon myrtle leaf with cream and icing sugar until thick. Let this sauce stand for a few hours to enable the flavours to infuse. Serving a wattleseed mousse with this flavourful cream uplifts the dessert to a great extent.

Risotto with an Aussie Twist

This recipe is an interesting Aussie take on a classic Italian recipe. The ground bush tomato gives the risotto a lovely tang while the wattleseed when combined with onions and garlic lends a caramelised touch. These Aussie influences transform this Italian staple to satisfy local taste buds.

Aussie Burger and Chips

Here the minced lamb is seasoned well with native spices like wildfire, wattleseed and alpine pepper. Combining the flavoured lamb with flour, egg yolks and some beer helps you to form them into little patties. This burger is best eaten when sandwiched in a walnut and wattleseed slice of bread.

Wattleseed Biscuits

Among the many wattleseed recipes akin to this territory, a hot favourite are these chocolate wattleseed biscuits. A few teaspoons of this roasted and ground spice is combined with self-raising flour, butter, cocoa and castor sugar to form the dough. When rolled into small balls and baked, these biscuits simply melt in your mouth.

Wattleseed does not dissolve in an instant. When using the whole seed, the best way to soften them is to soak them beforehand.