What Should You Choose to Cook Delicious Malaysian Beef Curry?

Delicious Malaysian Beef

There are days when you crave some comforting food to satisfy your soul. Such elaborate dishes are at the heart of family meals cooked with immense love. Recreate those tempting aromas and compel your loved ones to eat together more often.

One such delectable recipe is that of an authentic Malaysian Beef Rendang Curry. Since this fragrant preparation takes time to put together, it is generally cooked in larger quantities. Should you choose to relish it at a later date, freeze the leftovers. Given that this meat dish is so thoroughly cooked, it retains all its complex flavours.

To create this delightful Malay speciality, you require the following essential elements:

Boneless Cuts of Beef

Using bite sized chunks of equally cut meat ensures they cook evenly while absorbing all the intoxicating flavours released. Even if the beef is tough and stringy, it will soften during the long cook. You need not necessarily procure the best meat available as slowly cooking the protein with aromatic spices, does wonders. It cooks the beef to perfection, entirely transforming it for the better.

Freshly Ground Curry Powder

Lightly toast the cloves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, black peppercorns, cumin and coriander seeds, to extract their goodness. Thereafter, grind them with turmeric and chilli powder in a spice blender. Alternately you can also crush all the ingredients in a mortar and pestle till well combined. If you’re new to spice blending, try out our authentic 樂威壯
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Aromatic Curry Paste

Sliced garlic, ginger, dried chillies when blended with oil, fresh lemongrass and galangal, result in a heavenly flavourful paste. The beef is tossed in this paste and the freshly prepared dry curry powder, to arrive at the best version of Malaysian beef curry. This fragrant marinade penetrates through the meat, the longer you allow it to rest while coated in this marination.

Onions in Plenty

Once you add the sliced onions to hot oil, just let them cook gently over low heat. Give them time to sweat and turn translucent. This crucial initial stage is the very foundation of such a classic recipe. You need to be patient to achieve the ideal result. Once you have a strong foundation, it is easier to build upon it step-by-step.

Balance of Sweet and Tangy Flavours

The richness of coconut milk adds body to this celebratory dish, traditionally cooked on ceremonial occasions as a mark of respect. To strike the perfect balance between all these complex flavours, a dash of soy sauce and sugar are added towards the end. These lend an appealing sweet and sour touch to the overall recipe.

Prepare this intricate yet popular recipe when time is not at a premium so you can do justice to each stage of the cook. Ideally make it in advance of the day you intend serving it, to further enhance its taste.