Rogan Josh: The Best Indian Curry to Check out This season

Indian Curry

Rogan Josh is a delicacy that is native to the beautiful land of Kashmir. It combines a perfect blend of exotic spices like cinnamon, Kashmiri chilli, and cardamom – all blended harmoniously the authentic way in our very own Indian Rogan Josh Spice Blend. The rich flavours of cashew nut paste and tomato puree also add to the great taste. This delightful dish was traditionally enjoyed during the winter season. This was because the spices used in this curry delivered a warm feeling.

It is prepared using a slow cooking method, uses authentic spices, and has a light gravy with a strong aroma. The Indian Rogan Josh is best served with Roti, Rice, Naan, Sheermal, Raita, and Biryani.

Prepare the Meat

Traditionally, lamb or goat is used in the preparation of this delicious curry. Wash and soak the meat pieces in warm water, rinse it thoroughly, and marinate with spices. Keep this aside for a few hours. You can even parboil the meat with some herbs and use the stock to prepare the dish. This helps to retain the nutritional content of the meat. It also makes the meat succulent and juicy since the spices get fully absorbed.

You can even consider adding some fresh cream to this mutton delight if you are fond of creamy gravies. This addition will help to accentuate the flavour and add a creamy texture to your dish. Although the Indian Rogan Josh comprises of a light gravy, you can experiment by using some soaked almond paste.

Adaptations to the Recipe

The Rogan Josh was customarily prepared using de-seeded whole dried chillies that are first soaked in water and then ground to a paste. But conventional shortcuts use a mixture of cayenne pepper and paprika adjusted to taste. You can even use ground Kashmiri chillies for preparing this dish. Bay leaves, anise, and black and white cardamom can also be used. Many interpretations also add tomatoes to the sauce. The authenticity of this addition is often left to individual taste and preferences.

Nuances in the Making

For many, Rogan Josh is more than just a dish. It is their culinary skills featured at the epitome. Check out these tricks to prepare the best Indian Rogan josh curry at home

Ideally, mustard oil must be used for preparing this curry. You can consider replacing this oil with a mixture of ghee and plain oil as well.

Use the best quality and freshest lamb meat or mutton for this dish. The shoulder or shank of a male goat is known to have the most succulent meat. Hence this part is highly preferred for most Indian mutton preparations. Chop the meat into roughly two-inch sized pieces to have the flavours penetrate the meat thoroughly.

You can add some saffron dissolved in little milk at the end to have a subtle boost on the flavour. Dried cockscomb flower or rattan jot is also added traditionally by boiling it with equal water quantity.

This traditional Indian recipe goes back to historical times but is gaining popularity due to its rich colour, aroma, and taste. Modern culinary practices are making this dish more flavourful. It is one delicious curry you cannot refuse!

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    Rogan Josh is a traditional Kashmiri curry, with roots in Persian cuisine. This aromatic mix of spices and herbs is cooked in butter to make a thick red sauce with an intense flavour. It is typically prepared with lamb, but goat and chicken are also used.

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