A Guide to Choosing the Best Hario Gifts in Australia

Hario Gifts

Hario is a company headquartered in Japan. Their trademark is that they manufacture heat-proof glass using only pure materials. Hence, they have earned the reputation of being environment-friendly.

For your understanding, let us highlight the unique selling points of heatproof glass manufactured by Hario:

  1. Strongly resistant to changes in temperature hence only marginally expand under heat conditions
  2. Extremely durable when exposed to alkaline chemicals
  3. Safe to use in a microwave as well as a dishwasher
  4. Retains the flavour of the beverage hence can be used for storage purposes too

Having expanded globally, Hario Australia is known for its range of household items. These include kitchenware, tea, and coffee implements, among other useful products. For this very reason, Hario glassware makes a convenient gift.

Reasons to Love Hario Teapot

To help you select a good quality Hario teapot for gifting purposes, highlighted here are its relevant specifications to watch out for:

Classic Design:

Hario is famous for designing products that look classy and complement all types of decor. You can proudly display your Hario teapot even when not in use. Its enamel framework with wooden accents on the handle and cover knob, make it truly exclusive.

The Glass Material:

The glass allows you to have a look at your chai’s colour without having to lift the lid. It is also great for judging the readiness of the tea. Take in the beautiful colours and get ready to immerse yourself in the heavenly chai taste.

Practical Spout:

An interesting feature of teapots sold by Hario Australia is that a lot of thought has gone behind designing their spouts. The key to brewing delicious tea is to maximize the movement of loose tea leaves inside the pot. Hario teapots brilliantly achieve the same. Their spouts facilitate such free movement by encouraging the water within to mix with air as the tea is poured out.

The Mesh Infuser:

Hario Australia has an excellent mesh infuser that helps tea leaves expand for maximum extraction. Once you are done with brewing the tea, this mesh can be easily removed and avoids bitter tea taste.

Its Size:

The Hario teapot has a perfect size to enjoy a nice post-lunch mug of tea. You can even accommodate two additional cups if someone is joining you for tea. Additionally, it wraps up very well in a tea towel as well.

Easy To Clean:

The Hario has a wide mouth that paves the way for hassle-free cleaning. You can easily fit in your hand with a sponge on the inside of this teapot. Like with any strainer, you will need to tap the sides of the compost bucket for removing the tea leaves. Once done, all that remains is just a simple rinse for your teapot to be shiny again.

Widely Suitable:

Whether you place a Hario teapot on an open flame or induction cooktops, the heat emanating does not affect the pot adversely. The teapot is built to withstand high temperatures, so you have no fear of ruining the teapot when exposed to extreme heat. This particular feature makes Hario teapots a hot selling item and rightfully so.

Discourages Wastage:

With the utmost ease, you can pour out the tea concoction till its very last drop. Once again, the well thought out design of the teapot’s spout plays a significant role. The spout allows the tea to flow out smoothly while being poured. Moreover, its specially formulated design ensures that you do not have to struggle while draining the pot out completely.

Hario even specializes in teapots with strainers attached to their lids. The primary purpose of such a feature is to control the strength of the tea. The glass body allows you to arrive at the perfect decoction as per your individual preference.

What Chai Flavours Can You Enjoy?

Hibiscus Chai:

Enjoy this delicious, sugar-free warm brew by adding a blend of hibiscus flower petals and mint. Add this blend to boiling water and let it seep for about 5 minutes. You can even add a pinch of cinnamon for enriching the flavour. Watch as your brew takes on a pleasant colour. Sip it plain or you can add some honey for sweetening. Hibiscus tea is a power

Herbal Chai:

This is an infusion of various roots, bark, fruits, and flowers of any edible, non-tea plant. They offer vibrant flavour and a range of emotional, physical, and mental benefits. Enjoy the aromatic mix of spices and unwind amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Herbal Chai lets you focus on a holistic approach to well-being.

Matcha Chai:

Take in the finest, organic green tea from Japan. It is a blend of the finest spices in the world. You will enjoy the delicious flavour of this unique bland that serves as an alternative to traditional black tea.

Most households today use microwaves and dishwashers regularly. Gift your loved ones good health and prosperity. The tea blends, when combined with the best brewer in Australia, make a perfect gifting material. This setup is ideal for anyone who wishes to enjoy a flavoursome and healthy drink.

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