Why Will You Love Brewing Tea With Hario?


Known originally as a company producing glass products, Hario has come a long way since its inception in 1921. Hario, literally means the king of glass. The glass teapot from Hario is endlessly useful and immensely beautiful.

A stainless mesh filter or infuser accompanies this teapot which is perfect for loose-leaf tea. Here is why you will enjoy brewing the finest tea with Hario Australia.

Our Hario range includes:

Hario Is Eye Candy

Beauty and aesthetics are integral components of Japanese culture and hence vital to Hario. So, you will be in for a treat with bright, sleek, and contoured products of the company. They are part nostalgic, part innovative and just plain gorgeous. You will fall in love with the humble yet modern designs of this pot. You can see the ambre tones of the brewed tea and the condensation patterns that cover the lids and sides of this pot.

Is it not simply marvelous to watch the brewing process? You will witness something that is truly beautiful and unique. Watch as water changes colour and your favourite tea gather up its best flavours. In fact, appreciating the process of things is one of the core components of Japanese design.

The Strainer Is Perfect

Other than Hario Australia, you will surely have a difficult time finding a tea brewing pot with the right size mesh. Forget the spoon like devices that clamp together and having huge holes. The tea leaves simply fall off. The fine mesh in Hario can contain the tea leaves entirely. What’s more interesting is they are large enough for the leaves to blossom fully for maximum extraction.

With the fine mesh sieve, tea brewing is super clean as well. Once done, just tap it against the garbage and the leaves come out automatically. You can even lift the strainer out to avoid an over-brewed, bitter tea. The wide strainer is a perfect fit for the pot’s square shape that allows for maximum exposure of tea leaves to the water.

Hario Is Mindfulness

Have you heard about the Buddhist art of mindfulness? It is the art of focusing on the present and finding joy in body and mind. Now, imagine the mindfulness and joy you get upon slowly enjoying a freshly prepared hand-brewed tea? Watch the leaves bloom. Take in the aroma, observe the quiet clink and bubble, appreciate the gradual changes in color and appearance. Surely, nothing can beat this easy path to mindfulness!

It Is Easy To Clean

Hario’s teapots have a wide mouth that makes cleaning easier. Just take a sponge and wash the sides off – as easy as that. When it comes to strainer, give a few extra taps on the compost bucket to get all the tea leaves out. Then on, it’s just simple rinse for a sparkling teapot.

Brewing tea with Hario’s best teapot is an elegance you cannot ignore. It is a teapot that you must showcase irrespective of whether you serve tea for one or an entire group at the end of a party.