What Do You Need to Cook Up Easy Tasty Dinners?


At the end of a long day of hectic activity, the thought of slaving in the kitchen to prepare dinner is often the last thing we want to do. Yet, your family needs something substantial to satiate their hunger. The option of ordering out daily is not usually affordable and the quality is not as good as home cooked meals.

To rustle-up quick and easy tasty dinners, store a bunch of staple ingredients. These are in addition to your necessary vegetables, fruits, herbs, cheeses, proteins, and spices. A few such essential items include:

Readymade Stock

Whether vegetarian, chicken, or fish stock, this ingredient adds bursts of flavor to your everyday cooking without the added hassle of cleaning and chopping. You can use it from soups to curries. Stocks keep well when frozen. Keep it out to thaw for a bit before using it. Even if not fully defrosted, add it to your hot cooking pot to melt and integrate with all the other elements.

Pasta Packets

Keeping a stash of different kinds of pasta in your pantry comes in handy at a pinch as pasta boils in next to no time. When combined with veggies, meats, or just a simple sauce sprinkled with cheese, you have a filling one-dish meal to tuck into. The best way to serve any pasta dish is straight from fire to table. You can relish cooked pasta better when piping hot.

Various Sauces

From hot and spicy to mild and sweet, sauces are an integral component of easy tasty dinners. You can choose to either make them at home in advance or indulge in store-bought sauces. Either way, different sauces liven up stir-fries, noodles, pizzas, pasta, and every bland dish in creation. Refrigerate sauces to preserve them longer.

Frozen Cuts of Meat

If you are a hardcore meat eater, it helps to stock-up your freezer with all types of cold cuts. Salami and ham can be eaten as is when sandwiched between layers of bread. You may even place them whole atop your pizza or chop it finely to incorporate in a dish you intend to make heartier. Bacon and sausages are easy to fry off in a jiffy, and the wafting aromas are simply mouth-watering. Thaw these cold cuts in a microwave on need basis.

Versatile Eggs

Have them boiled, fried, baked, or scramble them to make a wholesome culinary treat. Eggs are truly versatile, nutritious, and cook fast. There are many quick recipes you can replicate with eggs, using a microwave. These include baked delicacies. For baking, you need a setting agent, and eggs do the job perfectly.

Create delicious comfort food in your kitchen with minimum fuss. After all, nothing beats a home-cooked dinner made with immense love.