Have You Tried Cooking With Rose Petals? 

Roses petals have been used as centrepieces and garnishes since time immemorial. Their delicate texture and elegant colours have made them a favourite not only for decoration but also for culinary uses using. A variety of roses is edible and offers a uniquely sweet and floral flavour. So, have you ever tried cooking with Rose Petals?

Rose petals will bring back the memories of green apples and strawberries. They also add a soft scent that is perfect for heightening the aroma of your dishes. Incorporating these flowers into your meals adds a surprisingly delicate flavour that is hard to miss. Now, you are surely wondering where to buy rose petals for including in your next dish. Isn’t it?

Cooking With Rose Petals

Rose petals are an essential ingredient for many dishes across Middle Eastern cuisines and Indian Dishes. Spice blends with rose make an excellent dry rub for lamb, poultry, and other meats. Rose petals can also be used in desserts and other sweet dishes. While you are thinking about where to buy rose petals, check out these ways to bring forward your culinary creativity and use rose petals in everyday cooking.

Infuse Beverages with Rose

Bring alive your lemonade, iced tea, and juices by adding rose petals. They bring a subtle floral taste that is sure to linger on your mind for a long time. Just muddle the rose petals for releasing the flavours and str them to make a refreshing and fruity beverage. Create a delicious punch by freezing rose petals into ice cubes. You can also prepare a delicious cup of rose tea by steeping dried rose petals in hot water.

Make a Simple Syrup

Did you know that making a rose syrup is extremely easy and delicious? Mix sugar and water in equal parts and bring them to boil. Stir until sugar completely dissolves and add dried rose petals to the mix. Remove it from the heat and allow the mix to steep for about ten minutes. Use a fine sifter to strain out the rose petals and let the syrup cool. Your rose syrup is ready to be used with teas, cocktail, and lemonade.

Rose Sugar

Make a floral sugar by using rose petals with sugar. Pour this sugar into a covered tin and let it rest in a cool, dark place for about a week. Sift the mix and enjoy this sugar with tea or use it as a sprinkle on your sugar cookies.

What Rose Petals Go With

Rose petals pair well with saffron, dried apricots, honey, coffee, and cardamom. Rose flavouring works well with desserts like semolina puddings and almond sponges. Rose-flavoured food like Turkish delight is popular all across the globe. You will also find dried rose petals in the North African spice mix ras el hanout. Rose petals make an appearance in sweetened rice dishes, wedding cakes, and a classic English afternoon tea.

Rose petals are used to bring a floral note to both sweet and savoury dishes. The ephemeral beauty of this flower is not only a treat to the eyes but also your taste buds. So, have you stocked up your kitchen cabinet with rose petals already?

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    Rose petals are widely used in Iranian, South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, both in savoury and sweet dishes. Rose water can be extracted from the petals and is used in many dishes to add a subtle floral hint. Rose petals have also been incorporated into many English desserts, chefs such as Heston Blumenthal have incorporated rose petals into many traditional English dishes to add a new delicate twist.

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