How Can You Use Smoked Salt in Your Everyday Cooking?

Smoked Salt

Himalayan Smoked Salt is fast becoming a favourite with chefs and home cooks alike. It lends a unique smoky, grilled flavour to your dishes.

Smoked salt can add a gourmet touch to your cooking. The salt not only enhances the natural flavour of the dish but also adds earthy smokiness and sharpens the essence of being cooked on an open flame. Smoked salt in Australia is gaining popularity as many a home cooks are reaching for it in grocery stores.

If you are wondering how you can also use this versatile ingredient in your everyday cooking, we’ve got you covered. Follow the tips mentioned below, and you’ll be all set to make an everyday meal a gourmet one.

New Users Begin Here

Smoked salt in Australia is available in two variants. Cold smoked and hot smoked.

Cold Smoking – For cold smoking, the salt is placed in a separate chamber, about 120 degrees Fahrenheit and the wood smoke is passed into that chamber to add flavour.

Hot Smoking –The hot smoking process involves the salt directly smoked over a wood fire, resulting in a metallic and almost bitter taste.

If you are new to smoked sea salt, then we recommend that you use your senses to find the right flavour for your palate. Because salt is smoked using different kinds of wood, apple, oak, hickory, alder, and others, you will have to smell and taste it to find your personal favourite.

Once you have found the smoked sea salt that you like, let’s discuss how to use it.

Dry Rub Your Meats with It

Smoked sea salt in itself has a lot of depth in flavour and can be used as a dry rub for different cuts of meat. If you want to take it up a notch, then combine other spices.

Sprinkle It over Desserts

The trend of having a savoury component in a dessert has picked up across the gourmet world. Keeping in line with this trend, smoked sea salt can be your savoury component in the dessert. Use subtly flavoured sea salt in desserts such as caramel sauce, brownies, or chocolate chip cookies. Use the smoked sea salt as a finish rather than while cooking to ensure that the flavour is not lost in the cooking process.

Seasoning for Eggs

Season egg-based dishes such as eggs Benedict, devilled eggs, scrambled eggs, or even an Omeletto give your breakfast a gourmet touch.

Replace Table Salt with It

Replace table salt with smoked sea salt. Use a mildly flavoured variety, preferably a cold-smoked one, to add depth and flavour to the dish when you serve it.

Adds More Pop to Popcorn

Popcorn won’t be the same once you’ve taster popcorn flavoured with smoked sea salt.

So, there you have it, the many ways you can use smoked sea salt in your everyday cooking. So, get your bottle of smoked salt and go wild with it.