What’s So Unique About Middle Eastern Spice Blends?

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The Middle East is a culturally rich region that has made quite an influential impact on the global culinary scene. It boasts complex and aromatic spice blends that help you discover the characteristic flavours of this intriguing cuisine. One common factor that stands out in delicacies that originate from this part of the globe, is their love for flavourful food.

From falafel, to hummus, to salads, to flatbreads and dips, as well as traditional vegetable and meat tagines, Middle Eastern food is an exciting delight for the palate. The biggest contributing factor, is the use of distinct Middle Eastern spice blends like tangy za’atar, aromatic baharat, nutty dukkah, and fragrant advieh.

Let us highlight the unique qualities of these intoxicating spice blends:

Versatile Nature

A single spice blend can successfully shoulder the responsibility of upping the flavour in multiple dishes. Whether you need to marinate meats or flavour rice and stews, using just one of the many exotic Middle Eastern spice blends can do the trick. It saves you the trouble of using a combination of different spices to bring your dish to the right taste.

For example, za’atar, when combined with olive oil, makes a flavourful dip and also enhances roasts and sautéed recipes. Squeeze some lemon juice to this exciting za’atar and olive oil concoction and make yourself a classic dressing for fresh salads. A dash of za’atar when added to breadcrumbs gives a novel twist to your regular coating for both vegetable and meat dishes.

Healthy Component

These spice blends serve another purpose besides raising the level of your cooking many notches; consuming them benefits you in many healthy ways as the spice blends native to this region contain highly nutritional ingredients. To begin with, the nuts incorporated are bursting with healthy fats and proteins. Both these elements are integral to the functioning of the human brain and body.

Toasted sesame seeds are another common component of Middle Eastern spice blends. The minerals released from toasting sesame seeds are used by our bodies to process carbohydrates, proteins, and cholesterol. Besides, sesame seeds are a fantastic source of copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, and calcium. Thyme is another medicinal herb found in these famous spice blends. It is known for its respiratory benefits, treatment of skin ailments, and possesses beneficial antimicrobial properties.

Strike the Right Balance

Middle Eastern spice blends are renowned for their ability to lend a lovely combination of flavours. With each spoonful, you get hints of smokiness and sweetness, which makes for a pleasant surprise. To further elaborate, baharat has a smoky undertone and is subtly sweet like advieh. Za’atar lends a touch of tanginess owing to its citrus attributes.

Add zing to your daily meals with the inclusion of spices and reduce your cravings for the forbidden salty, fatty, and sweet supple