Here Are the Secret Ingredients for the Delicious Indian Dahl Recipe

Indian cuisine is blessed with such a variety of pure deliciousness. Food brings people together as strong bonds are formed over a hearty meal. At the heart of every celebration, is a meal cooked with love. One of the simplest and most-loved preparations regarded as the best comfort food, is the quintessential Dahl. This versatile staple is super nutritious and loaded with protein goodness.

There are different variations of this homely delicacy that whistles away in the cookers of most Indian households. An authentic Indian dahl recipe peps you up when down and out and warms your insides on cold winter nights. The core ingredients required to make this healthy culinary creation include the following:

Soaked Lentils

An Indian dahl recipe can be made with either one type of lentil or a combination of them. They each have a distinctive shape, size, colour, and flavour. Red lentils cook the fastest, yellow lentils take time to boil, the green ones resemble a tiny bean while the split-pea lentils take the longest to cook.

It is essential to wash your lentils as this process segregates all the unwanted particles. Soaking your lentils after that helps to soften them, which in turn enables the pulses to cook faster. The sure shot way to boil your lentils evenly in record time is by transferring them to a pressure cooker with sufficient water added.

Aromatic Spices

A combination of whole, powdered, and fresh spices lends a delightful touch to Indian Dahl. Black mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and fresh curry leaves when added to hot oil, create a solid tempering base. They pop, splutter, and release their distinct pleasant aromas to enhance the flavour of your Dahl.

Slightly crushed or sliced garlic and whole green chillies add just the right amount of pungency to this classic preparation. A dash of asafoetida is also recommended to aid the digestion process. At the very end, throw in a bunch of chopped green coriander leaves, which ups the freshness quotient and also acts as a pretty garnish.

Intoxicating Spice Powders

From medicinal turmeric powder, earthy coriander powder, to fragrant garam masala powder, and fiery chilli powder, all play an integral role in complimenting Indian Dahl. Turmeric gives Dahl its distinct bright yellow colour while chilli powder adds just the required amount of punch to this famous dish. Garam masala is a heady concoction of the most flavourful spices which elevates this hot favourite recipe. The subtle earthiness of coriander powder gels beautifully with this rustic preparation.

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Most often, the spices for Dahl are tempered in ghee or clarified butter, which adds to the divine flavours. Chopped onions and tomatoes also make this preparation all the more appealing. Rustle up this wholesome dish as often as you can and relish the mix of delicious flavours.