Famous Dishes From Every Corner of The World

It is food that binds countries together. Each region is known for a specific delicacy that makes them accessible worldwide. Food has the power to end wars and rekindle the relationship. Each and every dish has its own uniqueness and flavour that makes it distinctive from others. It is important to relish as many continental flavours that you can to experience the taste of the world.

Tickle your taste buds and delve into some of the lip-smacking delicacies from around the world.

Cape Malay Curry

A South African chicken curry dish that can fill your mouth water with just its aroma, you must definitely try Cape Malay curry once in your life.

Yorkshire Lamb Patties

If you are into meats and love exploring food items that involve lamb, then the Yorkshire lamb patties would definitely melt your mouth. It is easy to make and is served with crisp salads.

Chicken Cheese Salad

Salads can be fancy, and chicken cheese salad is its exact representation. Sparkling salad mixed with tender chicken breast and freshly grated cheese, this salad is tossed with salt, pepper and mayonnaise.

Baked Potatoes Aubergines

Baked food items are always healthy and less fatty. Served with a layer of tangy tomato sauce, baked potatoes and aubergines will definitely steal your heart.

Peppered Pasta Salad

All the way from Italy with love, peppered pasta salad is everything that it sounds like. It is a simple cheesy pasta salad with a tangy and flavoursome dressing that will definitely make you crave for more.

Roesti And Salad

It is a perfect dish for your lazy Sunday brunch. Crispy potato cakes are baked and topped with fresh salad dressing. There’s no way you can escape the goodness of this dish.

Apple Sausage Plait

If you are not a meat person, you can definitely think about these amazing apple sausages that are basically apple filling, lime, herbs wrapped in pastry. It’s one of the Christmas delights as well.

Paneer Steak

An Indian side dish, paneer steak is nothing but cottage cheese that is pan-fried with cheese and tomatoes.

Batter Fried Fish With Cheese Sauce

Just like the name suggests, fish is coated with batter, and then crisp fried. It served with a mouth-watering cheesy sauce that you cannot possibly resist.

The Bottom Line

Just like the world is filled with people from different nation and culture, each section of people has developed its culinary style that has given rise to different dishes. Whether you are a food enthusiast or not, you would love to see how different dishes are made differently in different regions. It is the only food that can bind people and nations together as food has no border. You can relish an American burger sitting at a European restaurant as well, that’s the beauty and power food.

The above mentioned were some of the drool-worthy and famous dishes from different parts of the world that you must try once in your life. Expand your horizons and explore what makes you curious.