Rose Petals: Straight from The Garden To Kitchen

Since the culinary art is in existence, floral ingredients are being used in different food items. There are plenty of floral elements that are used in dishes and desserts in different ways. Rose petals are one of the famous floral ingredients that are widely used across the globe. Whether it is for aroma or the sweet flavour it gives, rose petals are highly popular floral ingredient.

Generally, rose petals are used in the process of crystallizing and cake decoration. Hence, it is essential to find edible rose petals in the market. In case you are using homegrown petals in your food, then ensure that they are not exposed to any kind of chemicals that can harm your system. It is essential to find where to buy rose petals in the best quality before planning any dish with it.

Edible rose petals are found in different types. For instance, dried rose petals are good for longer storage. There are plenty of other options as well that you can use to cook your meals with rose petals.


You can use rose petals and rose syrups in cocktails as well. There are plenty of luxurious cocktails that are prepared with rose syrup. Prosecco rose cocktail is one of the popular cocktails that are prepared with rose petals. All you need is to pour the rose syrup into a champagne flute and slowly fill the remaining glass with prosecco.


Who doesn’t love cookies? Whether you are making chocolate or nutty cookies, you can always add rose petals into the cookies to bring a floral kick to your preparation. Not only as an ingredient but can you also use rose petals to garnish your cookies. You can give a try to Cardamom vanilla shortbread with white chocolate rose petals. It is one of the easy to prepare cookies that have rose petals in it.

Rose Scented Honey

Honey is a sweetening ingredient that is used in different dessert preparation and some dishes as well. There are plenty of scented kinds of honey available in the market that is used to give an aromatic feel to your honey preparation. You can prepare scented honey with rose petals. Honey infused with rose petals will provide a fragrant feel to your honey.

Rose Petal Jam

Jams can be prepared with possibly anything. From fruits to the vegetable you can make anything into jam. Now, rose petals are also used in making jam. Rose jam is a popular household preparation that can be easily made and used for several days. It tastes sweet and has an exotic floral aroma as well. All you need is a few rose petals, water, lemon juice and sugar.

The Bottom Line

You must have adored the beauty of a rose in the garden; you can bring that aromatic delight into your kitchen. The use of rose petals dates back to centuries. There are plenty of ways in which you can use rose petals in your meals.

The above mentioned were some of how rose petals are used in food items.