Some Drool-worthy Moroccan Delights To Make You Crave For The Exquisite Cuisine

Known for its spicy and mouthwatering dishes and sweet pastries, Moroccan cuisine has a unique place in the global culinary art. Morocco is an ideal destination for food enthusiasts who love to explore the food and flavours of the world. From spice to sweetness, you can find an extravagance of flavours in Morocco.

There are plenty of reasons to drool over the Moroccan cuisine, and some of the lip-smacking reasons are mentioned below. Try to curb your cravings if you can.

Moroccan Lamb Shanks

Let’s start with the famous Moroccan lamb shanks, which is the perfect winter dish to savour. Cooking the meat really low and sloe is something that adds the flavours to the dish. You need to learn the Moroccan lamb shanks recipe faithfully to master this dish. The spice for the Moroccan lamb shank can be easily found in the market.


Couscous was traditionally the regular dinner dish in Morocco, but as people modernized and the cuisine got upgraded, Couscous became a weekend dish. It is quite similar to pasta as it is made with flour and rolled in a skilful style. It is then steamed and dried. Couscous is also readily available in the market.


This Moroccan dish is named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked. It is one of the age-old traditional Morrocan dishes, yet Moroccans cannot resist its delicious taste. The slow cooking process makes the meat tender and gives the vegetables an exquisite aroma.


It is the perfect definition of refinement, visual appeal and true delicacy of Moroccan cuisine. B’Stilla is an extravagant Moroccan dish which is prepared on special occasions like weddings. It is generally served after the salad and before the Tagine. It is like a rich mid snack you have before the main course.


Zaaluk is a spicy Moroccan salad dish with mashed eggplants and tomatoes as main ingredients. Moroccan families love to serve Zaaluk as an appetizer that goes well with main meals like Tagine or market. It can be prepared instantly and does not require any special preparation.


It is an authentic Moroccan delight that is served in Eid Al Adha, which is a religious feast. Lmrozia means a secret blend of 40 spices and herb, and that’s something that makes this dish unique and flavoursome. In ancient times, Lmrozia was basically a method of preserving the meat for Eid Al Adha. But, even with the inclusion of refrigerators, people love to cook Lmrozia the ancient way to keep authenticity.

The Bottom Line

Morocco has everything to fall in love with the place, and food is undoubtedly one of the prominent reason. Every Moroccan dish is served with an amalgam of spices and flavours that will keep you coming for. Each dish is prepared with sheer passion and love that it further enhances its exoticness.

The above mentioned were some of the handpicked dishes from the Moroccan cuisine that you must try once in your life. If you ever happen to visit Morocco, you know where to start your food expedition.