Infographic: Why Use Middle Eastern Spice Blends For Cooking?

Spice Blends

Do you like using Middle Eastern spice blends in the different recipes you prepare at home? There are numerous benefits of using these spice blends in cooking. Thyme, which is a part of the Za’atar spice blend, has expectorant properties. It helps in checking the creation of phlegm and mucus that causes clogging in the respiratory tracts. Sumac, which is also one of the ingredients of the spice mix, is an excellent source of quercetin.

Quercetin destroys the free radicals present within your body and helps in checking the onset of cancer. New studies have confirmed that sumac helps in checking the damage caused by free radicals through neutralisation. Studies have also shown that za’atar can enhance a person’s mood and minimise chances of depression. Oregano and thyme contain phenol. They have direct mood-improving benefits which will help you stay in a good mood.

Spice Blends

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