Add Spice To Your Meal With Harissa Paste

There are plenty of ways in which you can add spice to your meals. Whether it is adding pepper or chillies, you can do plenty of things to enhance the spice quotient of your meal. If you share sheer love for condiments, you should know about Harissa. It is an aromatic chilli paste which is widely used in North African and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Recipes of Harissa vary in different countries and regions. The conventional Harissa paste recipe generally includes a blend of hot chilli peppers, olive oil, garlic, and spices like coriander, cumin, caraway and mint. Some people also experiment with their Harissa recipes by adding tomatoes and rose petals as well. Even if you like a punch of spice, Harissa is a packet of spice kick; a little goes a long way.

Where To Find Harissa?

Harissa can be easily made at home, and it is also readily available in the stores as well. They are generally found in jars, cans, and tubes. Harissa spice powder is also a version of Harissa that you can find in the market. The best Harissa products are available in the Middle Eastern market as they prepare the most authentic Harissa recipes.

Ways To Use Harissa


You can mix the Harissa paste in your burger patty or simply use it as burger ketchup if you need a spicy kick to your burger.

Roasted Vegetables

Harissa’s exotic spice goes well with sweet vegetable such as carrots, sweet potatoes, fennels, etc. You can simply roast them and drizzle the Harissa paste over the vegetables.

Salad Dressing

The main ingredient in a salad that makes it unique is the salad dressing. Harissa paste can make a great salad dressing. Whisk the Harissa paste into a lemony dressing and drizzle it over raw carrots and other tossed veggies.

Marinate Mix

Whether you are preparing to marinate for fish or BBQ chicken, a using Harissa paste will definitely give your meat preparation a unique spicy punch.


You can also prepare a spicy hummus by using Harissa paste. Just buy two store-bought hummus and mix it with scoops of Harissa paste to make your own spicy hummus.


If you like your pasta to be spicy, then you should add Harissa paste while preparing your pasta. You can make a basic tomatoes sauce with roasted broccoli and toss the pasta in Harissa paste.

Chicken Wings

Give you chicken wings a spicy makeover with Harissa paste. Make your chicken wings with Harissa paste and drizzle some honey over before deep-frying it.

The Bottom Line

Harissa paste or powder is a popular ingredient that is largely used in South African and Middle Easter cuisine. Due to its massive spice punch and rich texture, a majority of global cuisines have already adopted Harissa into their preparations as well.

The above mentioned were some of the best and common ways to Harissa. Use this fiery ingredient in your meal and give an unforgettable spice kick to your taste buds.