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Here is an overview of the 14 delicious recipes included in the quick and easy family dinners and meals option

Mexican Chicken Drumstick Tray Bake

This delicious one-dish wonder is the perfect example that Mexican food isn’t just tacos and burritos. These succulent chicken drumsticks are cooked with veggies and our fragrant Mexican Burrito/Fajita Spice Mix all in one tray – this not only makes for a super quick and easy clean up but it allows all of the yummy flavours and juices from each ingredient to meld together, making a seriously delicious (and healthy) Mexican dish.
Spice used: Mexican Burrito/Fajita Spice Mix

Smoky Baked Beans on Toast

Generally, when we think baked beans, we think over-salted, watery, full-of-preservatives ones from the can. This bean dish knocks that can right out of the park and gives baked beans a whole new name. Creamy buttery beans are cooked in a thick, rich tomato sauce that is flavoured with the smoky, BBQ flavours of Memphis. These luscious beans are then served on delicious crusty bread that mops up all of that delicious smoky sauce – a sure-to-please dish!

Spice used: Memphis Smoky BBQ Rub

Crunchy Salt ‘n’ Pepper Fish Fingers and Chips with Minted Smashed Peas

One of my aims when planning family dinners, has always been to take otherwise-unhealthy dishes that my kids liked and make a healthier, more wholesome (and more delicious) version. These fish fingers are one of my proudest recreations to-date and have always been a massive hit with my family. The crunchy, golden fingers of flaky, tender fish seasoned with the and fruity Sichuan pepper from our blend, with fresh minted smashed peas and homemade chips, certainly isn’t just for the kids – any adult and fish-finger sceptic has super loved this spin on an old classic!

Spice used: Calamari Salt ‘n’ Pepper

Sizzlin’ Steak Fajitas

I love a classic fajita dish and especially how versatile they are. This great blend allows me to whip up some next-level fajitas in no time with using chicken, pork or even prawns. This version with the steak, however, is one of my favourites. The tender, juicy, blushing steak sears on the outside and the spice mix creates a caramelised crust that works perfectly with the sweet veggies, soft tortillas and cooling yoghurt. Yum!

Spice used: Mexican Burrito/Fajita Spice Mix

Tandoori Salmon with Garlic Rice and Cucumber Raita


I’ve always loved a classic tandoori chicken however, have recently been experimenting with other proteins and one of my favourites that I stumbled across in one evening of experimenting is tandoori salmon. The rich, oily salmon has a robust texture and flavour that can hold up to the powerful tandoori flavours and give it a totally different spin. Served with aromatic garlic rice and zesty, fresh cucumber raita, this fresh take is one for the repertoire.

Spice used: Curry Indian Tandoori

Greek Lamb Burgers

There are few dinners more crowd-pleasing in my house than burgers. One does, however, tire of the repetitive classic of ‘beef, salad, cheese’, which is why I came up with a Greek twist! By using lamb instead of beef, it not only blends perfectly with the Greek Gyros Seasoning but the sweetness of the lamb gives it a whole new flavour. With oozing, melted feta cheese and fresh salad, this Greek take on a classic is the perfect thing for a Saturday night in.

Spice used: Greek Gyros Seasoning

Sichuan Prawn Fried Rice

Come Sunday, I’m more than ready for a chill, wind-down night to recover from the previous week and gear up for another one ahead; so often cooking a big dinner is the last thing on my mind. This fried rice dish couldn’t be simpler – simply chuck everything into a pan, fry away and serve! Plus, I also love how versatile it is, you can add-in or take-out anything you like to suit tastes, dietary requirements or simply use up what’s in the fridge.

Spice used: Calamari Salt ‘n’ Pepper

Veggie Souvlakis


Souvlakis are always a huge hit in my house, so for our meat-free Monday I thought I would try my hand at making some veggie ones and boy were they a hit! The grilled, crispy, oozing feta takes these to the next level and the Greek Gyros Seasoning imparts all the wonderful fragrant flavours of Greek food that we all know and love.

Spice used:greek gyros seasoning

Middle Eastern Fish and Veg Tray Bake

Tray bakes are one of my favourite things to do for midweek dinners – it means very little washing up and an amazing, flavourful result with very little effort. The dukkah in this dish permeates the fish as well as adds a little crunch and texture, making it a one-dish hit!

Spice used:Egyptian Dukkah Spice Mix

Memphis-Style Smoky Pork Meatballs with Mash


My family and I love a good meatball dish and classically in the past, I’ve always done an Italian version. After having a gander on the internet, I stumbled across a few American BBQ-inspired meatball dishes and thought it was a fantastic idea and my Memphis Smoky BBQ Rub was the perfect thing for the job! This rub gives these meatballs the deep smoky flavour that’s synonymous with American BBQ and the rich sauce is mopped up by lashings of creamy mash – a must for the recipe books!

Spice used: Memphis Smoky BBQ Rub

Thursday – Egyptian Dukkah Fishcakes


I often turn to these delicious golden nuggets when I’m left with leftover fish or mash but making them from scratch is just as easy. The Egyptian Dukkah gives them a fragrant twist and added crunch that’s so moreish. They’re so crisp and flavourful and are such a satisfying dinner without being heavy or stodgy; plus, they’re made in no time and couldn’t be more fuss-free!

Spice used:Egyptian Dukkah Spice Mix

Friday – Homestyle Italian Spag Bol


Spaghetti Bolognese has to be a classic family fave all around the world but I have to say, this may be the best one you’ve tried yet! By starting the dish off with a classic sofrito (carrot, onion and celery) and the fragrant Italian Spaghetti Herb blend, you’re building a beautiful flavour base that will stand the dish in good stead.

Spice used: Italian Spaghetti Herbs

Saturday – Grilled Tandoori Chicken with Fresh Mint Salad


This dish is a super simple, fast take on a classic Indian dish – removing the need for a tandoor oven, which I’m sure most us don’t happen to have tucked away in our kitchens. The fresh mint salad marries perfectly with the rich, charred chicken and makes this dish so delicious – so much so that your need for Indian takeaway menus is no more!

Spice used: Curry Indian Tandoori

Sunday – Bolognese and Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

There are so many things that I love about this dish that I can’t pick which I love more – the simplicity, the lack of cooking and fuss, the delicious flavours or the sweet potato twist on the class – either way, this dish combines two of my most-loved, favourite dishes and that’s reason enough for me! The perfect cosy Sunday wind-down dish.

Spice used: Italian Spaghetti Herbs

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