How To Use Herbs And Spices in Vegetables?

When it comes to making your dishes tastier and exotic, spices play an essential role in it. Culinary art is all about mixing and blending different spice ingredients that will help enhance the flavours. I love to experiment with different ingredients and experiment with my food so that I can bring innovation to the table. There have been several instances where a spice ingredient would not go well with a specific spice ingredient.

It is essential to know that each spice ingredient has its own flavour profile and texture. You need to determine which will best suit your dish. For instance, you cannot use Middle Eastern spices for a Chinese delight as both have different ingredients and flavours.

Find The Right spices For Vegetables

To make your dishes even more exciting and richer in flavour, you need to learn the art of adding the right spice ingredient. Cooking vegetables with the right herbs and spices is a different experience altogether. Spices and herbs can make your dishes unique. Everyone wants to change the ordinary taste of their meals and surprise their families every now and then. For this, you need to learn which spice would be best to cook certain vegetables. You would be surprised to know that some of the common herbs and spices can make your ordinary dishes unique.

To further ease your hassle of finding the right match, I have prepared a list of spice and herb combination that would work for different vegetables.

Sweet Potatoes: You can add a striking and robust flavour to your sweet potatoes delight by adding nutmeg and cinnamon to it.

Potatoes: While sweet potatoes need more striking flavour, you can subtle the saltness of the potato with garlic, basil, mint and sage.

Yellow Squash: Generally cooking squash with spices is a challenging task, but without disturbing its true flavours, you can bring in basil, parsley and oregano to enhance its taste.

Cabbage: If you are cooking cabbage, and want to enhance the flavour of it along with being subtle, you can think of adding cilantro and cumin to it.

Carrots: You can make a lot of things with carrots. Adding cumin, sage and ginger to it will subtle the sweetness and give it a striking kick.

Beets: Beets are not everyone’s favourite, but you can play with its flavour by adding little spice. Some ginger and cinnamon with lemon juice can spike up the flavour profile of the beets.

The Bottom Line

You cannot ignore the fact that spices can add life to your otherwise ordinary meals. It is essential to know the right way of using spice ingredients for different vegetables and meals. I have experimented with different spices and tried finding the right blend that would work for different veggies.

When you are cooking certain vegetables, you need to find out which spice ingredient can enhance its flavour and contribute to making your dish even more flavourful. The above-mentioned list of vegetables and their spice combination will help you prepare your meals with more richness and taste.