Ultimate Guide For Using Rose Petals In Your Kitchen

Since the culinary art is in existence, floral ingredients are being used in preparing dishes, especially desserts. Rose petals are one such floral ingredient that is highly used in culinary art. From fresh to dried, rose petals are being used as a flavor and garnishing ingredient. There’s no doubt in asserting that rose petals are used as a staple garnishing agent and centerpiece of the dishes, making them look appetizing. It helps in adding the needed color and texture to the platter. While roses are undoubtedly a unique interior décor item, you should definitely bring them to the kitchen and give your platter an appealing makeover.

If you think that not all roses are meant for edible purposes, then you are unfortunately mistaken. Every species of rose is edible, and you can use them in preparing your meal. Roses have a sweet and floral flavor that you can add in your dishes. Generally, roses resemble the taste of fresh apple or strawberries and have the perfect fragrance that can make your dish aromatic. Due to its sweet taste, rose petals are generally used in making desserts.

Selecting Your Roses For Cooking

As mentioned earlier, every rose is edible, which means you can use any variety of roses in cooking. All you need to do is search where to buy rose petals. But, it is essential to understand that some of the roses have distinctive flavor than the others. So, you need to select the rose according to the dish you are preparing and the flavors you want to add in them. For instance, more fragrant roses can bring more flavor to your meals.

Damask roses are known for their powerful fragrant. These roses are being long used in scents, oils, and rose water. Rosa Rugosa, garden roses, and heirloom roses are also a great pick for preparing your delights. You can also pick pink, yellow, and white roses as well for extra flavor and fragrance.

Preparing your Roses For Cooking

Though you can use any rose for cooking, you need to make them differently. For instance, the wild roses and garden roses need to be plucked in the mid-morning. Before using the rose petal for cooking, you have to clip off the white portion at the bottom of each petal. This white portion of the petal is generally bitter and can ruin the flavor of your entire dish. After cutting it off, wash the rose petals gently and lay them on a dry towel. If you want to use the rose petals fresh, you would need to use them within two hours of washing them.

The Bottom Line

Rose petals can bring the required flavor and fragrance to your dishes. All you need to understand is using it in the right quality and method. There are plenty of ways you can use rose petals in your dishes. Every rose species can be used in cooking, and you need to care for them before using them for cooking.