Ways to Improve Any Pasta Dishes

Pasta is a dish that we all love to eat pasta. However, it is also a great dish to cook. The recipes are quite simple, and you can always add your own twist to it. However, below we are sharing some useful tips that will ensure that you make the perfect pasta dish every time.

  1. Salting the Water

When it comes to salting the pasta water, there two things that could go wrong. One the salt would not completely dissolve in the water and second if the undissolved salt remain in the surface of stainless steel, it can result in your surface to the pit.

Make sure you add the salt when the water is coming to the boil. This way, you can avoid both the issues. Now comes another question – how much water should you add?

Culinary experts from across the world have different answers to this question, and you might end up pretty perplexed. You can start from the basic by adding one tablespoon of salt and gradually, when you begin to understand your preferences; you can make alterations.

  1. The Right Amount of Water

You need to boil the pasta in sufficient amount so that there is enough room for it to expand without sticking together. However, you do not alw威而鋼
ays have to take out the giant pot to boil your pasta.

If you are making pasta for two, you only need a four-quart saucepan. Basically, you have to ensure that your pasta is covered within two inches of water. This way, even if the liquid evaporates, your pasta will still be under the water.

  1. The Art of Not Overcooking Your Pasta

Pasta should be cooked until it is al’ dente. But what is that? It means that there should be a slight firmness to the bite. Take a piece of pasts from water through slotted spoon or tongs and run it under cold water.

Take a bite, and if you feel a slight resistance (not much), then your pasta is ready. Another way to check is to look inside the pasta. In linguine or spaghetti, there will be a small dot in the centre where the pasta is not cooked because it is cooked from outside in.

For rigatoni and penne, there will be a thin ring on the center. You should take out pasta when it is 90% cooked and 10%. Your pasta will finish cooking when you toss into the sauce in the end.

  1. Save the Pasta Water

Prior to draining the pasta, using a measuring cup or any other cup scoop some of the starchy pasta water. If your sauce becomes too thick, you can use it to thin it out. This way, you can ensure that the sauce is evenly marinated into the pasta. Whether you are following Harissa Paste Recipe or any other pasta recipe, the starchy water can be useful.

  1. Finish it Off Rightly

Once you are done with your pasta and sauce, add a dollop of butter in order to get an extra dose flavour. It is a great way to add richness to your dish. In fact, many top chefs use this trick to enhance the flavour of their sauce.

Next time when you make pasta, make sure to consider the above tip to make a perfectly delicious dish.