Edible Items That You Can Use To Make Your Food Platter Appealing

Art of cooking food is undoubtedly commendable. But have you ever thought what makes the food delicious when it is served on the plate? It is definitely its visual appearance. Garnishing is an amazing culinary tool that makes the food visually appealing and appetizing. How your food looks on the table plays a significant role in creating your appetite. Garnishing is cherry on the cake (literally) making your food alluring, making everyone yearning to take a bite.

Generally, garnishing the dish is considered as the afterthought, and a majority of people don’t even prioritize garnishing. They are majorly focused on making the food tastier. Garnishing is that added brownie point to your dish. There are plenty of garnishing items that you can use to deck up your meal. Edible items are generally used for garnishing.

If you are also planning to garnish your dish with some edibles, then take a look at some prominent options that you can possibly think about:-

Edible Flowers

It is one of the trending garnishing ideas these days. Using edible flowers will not increase the visual appeal, but it will add great taste to your food as well. From jasmine, pansies to roses, there are plenty of edible flowers available in the market. Plenty of people are looking for edible rose petals to garnish their desserts; it adds more allure.

Roots and Greens

Generally, greens are used in salads and soups, but you can bring them up in your garnishing endeavours as well. You just need to put in some creativity to make the roots and greens amazing on your dish. Butter crisp, lettuce, endive are some of the common edible roots and greens that you can possibly use for garnishing your dish.

Herbs and Leaves

Since the concept of garnishing came into existence, grasses and leaves are the most commonly used garnishing items. There are some of the popular names that are highly used in garnishing, like chives, basil, coriander, bay, etc.


It was not long ago when purees began to be used as garnishing materials. They have the potential to spread all across the platter and create an alluring sight for your dish. They add vibrancy, texture, and flavour to the dish.

Sauces and Syrups

Just like purees, you can also use syrups and sauces for decoration purposes. From BBQ sauce to teriyaki sauce, every possible sauce can be used for garnishing, if you know the right way to blend the taste.

The Bottom Line

Making your food visually appealing is essential to make it look appetizing. No one would like to eat something that doesn’t give an alluring visual appeal, irrespective of how great it tastes. Garnishing is undoubtedly an integral part of food making; you can certainly not skip garnishing before serving food on the table.

There are plenty of things that you can possibly use for garnishing and make your food look lip-smacking before it tastes exquisite. The above mentioned were some of the edible items you must use to deck up your next dish.