Quick Spice Buying And Storage Tips

Spices are an integral part of healthy cooking. They not only add the required flavor to your food, but they also bring the best of health. It is important to use spices in your cooking to relish its flavor and experience the health quotient as well. There are different types of spices that are used for various purposes. It is essential to understand each spice and how you can use them in your cooking.

One of the most important things that you need to consider is the proper purchase and storage of the spices. Whether it is allspice or mixed spice, you need to buy and store them appropriately to make the most of these amazing flavor enhancer. I love playing with spices in my cooking, and I make sure that I keep them safe so that I can add their magic for long.

Tips To Buying And Storing Spices

It is important to give priority to the purchase and storage of the spices as they are delicate and sensitive. Extreme conditions can make them lose their essential oils and fragrance. Below are the tips that will help you safe-keep your spices.

Buy Small

One of the primary tips that you must learn is to buy spices in small quantities. Buying in bulk will only waste the spices as you don’t require much. Be it turmeric or cinnamon; you must always buy small. Though large budget packs might seem cheaper, it is best to go with a small quantity.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

It is not necessary that you must keep your spices in the dark, but it is advised to keep them away from the direct sunlight. For instance, avoid keeping them on the window sill. Keep them safely in a cool and dry area of your kitchen.

Sniff It To Check It

The best before dates can often be incorrect, so it is better to go with the conventional methods. When you go to buy spices, take a sniff to check its potency. If you experience ad pungent and pleasant aroma, then you are good to go.

Store Your Spices in Alphabetic Order

Trust me, it often gets chaotic to manage the wide range of spices in the kitchen. It is better to keep them in a clear jar or in alphabetic order to ease your hassle of finding them when you need them.

Buy Whole Spices

Rather than going for ground spices, it is better to buy whole spices and then ground them according to your needs. The flavor and aroma of whole spices are richer and stable than the grounded ones.

The Bottom Line

Spices are the flavor enhancers that you add in your food. They add a unique texture and aroma to your food that is certainly insatiable. To keep relishing the flavors of spices, it is important to buy and store them properly. You need to extra careful with how you buy and store them in your home. The above mentioned were some quick tips that you must keep in your mind while working with spices.