Tips To Add Flavor And Reduce Calories From Your Food

Cooking is an art that not everyone can master. It requires to create a balance between the right flavors and nutritious content of the food. With the growing habits of unhealthy eating, it has become more than essential to keep control over your calorie intake and manage your diet. I try to keep a check on the calorie count of my food that helps in keeping my family and me healthy.

Adding flavors is not only about adding ingredients that will add up to fat. There are ways in which you can keep the flavor intact without playing with the calories. I have devised some practical ways in which you can limit your calorie intake and enhance the flavor in your food.

Follow the tips to master the art-:

Add More Aroma With Herbs And Spices

To make your food tastier and healthier at the same time, you must start using mixed herbs and spices in your cooking. These are the flavor enhancers that can provide your food with the required kick of aroma and texture without adding up to the calories.

Use Seasonal And Locally Grown Ingredients

It is always advised to buy seasonal veggies and fruits as they are fresh and filled with more nutrients. Freshness is equal to flavor, and flavor will be equal to health if you use seasonal food. Visit your local farm to buy fresh veggies and fruit that are available in a particular season.

Season With Salt And Spice

Don’t wait till the completion of your recipe to add the seasoning. To keep the flavor intact and health quotient high, it is advised to season your food early with spice and salt. When you add the spices early, you will give them enough time to infuse their flavors into the meal and penetrate deep into the veggies. Salt, on the other hand, draws out the moisture and helps in binding the spices.

Don’t Forget To Add Acidity

The acidic content in your food not only enhances flavor but also keeps them fresh and away from the fatty items. Once you are done with your meal, add a splash of vinegar or lemon juice to give your meal an acidic touch. It will amp up the flavors of your spices and provide a tangy zest to it.

Toss It With Herbs

At last, to give a final kick of flavor to your dish, toss it with herbs that are available in your kitchen, Generally fresh parsley, basil, and cilantro are the ones that people generally use for tossing. But, you can go with herbs of your choice. Herbs will help in adding the freshness to your food and keep it flavorful.

The Bottom Line

Adding flavor means an increasing amount of fat and sugar; this has remained a perception of a majority of people. It is not entirely true, as there are ways through which you can reduce the calories and keep up with the flavors. The above mentioned were some of the ideal tips that you must keep handy while working in the kitchen.