A Guide To Matching Spices With Veggies

Spices are the flavor enhancers that people add in their dishes to bring out the best in them. Each spice has a distinctive flavor profile that makes it unique from one another. It is essential to understand about each spice and know how to use them in your dishes rightly.

Have you ever noticed that certain spices work like magic when they are added to a specific dish? For instance, if you are trying the pumpkin pie recipe Australia, you would notice that adding cayenne to it will give a different taste to the dish altogether. It is said that each spice has its unique flavor that works well with certain vegetables.

Spice Matching Guide

Eating veggies have different health benefits, but we often try to escape vegetables and set them aside. Spices are a great way to add more flavor to the veggies and make them appetizing. It is essential to know which spice would be ideal for a specific vegetable. Here is a list of vegetables along with their spice companions.


You can do plenty of things with artichokes, but to make them tastier, you would need help from spices. You can pair artichokes with garlic, bay leaf, paprika, parsley, and coriander. Grilled artichokes and Quinoa and artichoke lettuce wraps are some of the healthy dishes that you can make with artichokes.


Beets are high in minerals and vitamins. To make them reach your system, you would need to spice it up. As they are sweet vegetables, adding warm herbs and spices would do wonder. Use chives, basil, coriander, dill, ginger, fennel, allspice, sage, cloves, and caraway to make your beet dishes delightful.


Broccolis are loaded with nutrition, but you will always find them in the corner of the plate. To bring them to the center of the plate and make it an appetizing delight, you must add some spices. Pair it with rosemary, tarragon, thyme, marjoram, oregano, red pepper flakes, ginger, garlic, dill, chives, etc. You can make broccoli tofu to make broccoli even more exciting to eat.


It is a mild-flavored vegetable that can easily blend into different tastes, so you can easily play with its flavor by adding spices. Try to flavor your cabbage with caraway, parsley, bay leaf, coriander, curry dill, garlic, fennel, nutmeg, thyme, marjoram, and mint. Make cabbage soups and a mix of these spices to serve deliciousness with health on the table.


It is a sweet vegetable that has both mild and robust flavor. Try pairing carrots with fennel, garlic, mace, nutmeg, cumin, dill, rosemary, paprika, and parsley. You can add carrots into the salad and sprinkle some essential spices to make your salads tastier.

The Bottom Line

Making vegetables tasty is one of the challenging tasks for a mother. But, with spices, you can bring the magic in veggies and make them delicious. It is essential to understand the right match of spices for a particular vegetable. The above mentioned is a guide to help you out with this dilemma.