What Do You Need To Know About Best Harissa Paste Recipe?

When working in the kitchen, you need to smartly play with the ingredients to rightly create a balance of taste and nourishment. When it comes to spicing up your dishes and taking a healthy shortcut to flavour, harissa paste is one of the best options to try in the kitchen. Whether it is heat marinades, and sauces to make that perfectly spicy curry, harissa paste will never disappoint you. Only the best harissa paste recipe can tell you the authentic taste of this amazing chilli paste.

Harissa paste is a popular spice preparation all the way from the Middle East. As each region has its own spice blend, Middle Eastern countries have developed harissa paste substituting the regular chilli paste. You can also try the best harissa paste recipe that will spice up your mouth with flavours.

A Burst of Flavour Not A Bag of Fat

Spice should bring flavours to your diet, not fat. The spice ingredients often bring a bit of carbohydrate and fat content, but fortunately, harissa is none like them. So, you can safely add this chilli paste to your healthy diet. The red peppers used in making harissa paste are loaded with vitamin C, E, B6, K minerals, copper, and manganese. Harissa paste is known as the powerhouse of vitamin E as it brings antioxidant content into it. The capsaicin that brings the authentic taste of this paste is known to reduce the inflammation and blood pressure.

How To Use Your Harissa Paste?

Harissa has a wide range of uses in the kitchen. From soups, stews to marinades, you can bring the flavours of harissa into possibly anything. All the recipes that require extra spiciness and hotness can be made better with harissa paste.

A swirl of harissa paste into hummus with carrots will balance the sweet and spicy taste. If you can lighten the paste by adding olive oil into it, you can make the perfect dressing for salads and pasta.

How To Make The Iconic Harissa Paste?

If you want to make it quick, you can buy the powder from the store and mix it with garlic and little olive oil. When you make it with the powder, there might be some variation in the flavour profile. You can also add some roasted peppers to add that smoky flavour to the paste. Every region has its own version of harissa paste. The essential ingredients that are used to make harissa paste include aromatic spices cumin, coriander, dry peppers, fresh garlic, lemon, and extra virgin olive oil. You can experiment with the recipe according to your taste preference.

Where To Buy Harissa Paste?

People generally prefer making harissa paste at their home, but today, you can find the authentic flavours in the store brought products as well. To get the genuine harissa paste at your doorstep, you can order it from any reliable online store.

The Bottom Line

Harissa paste is the ideal chilli paste for that added spice and richness in your dishes. Different versions of this spice paste in various regions, but they are native to Middle Eastern countries. The above mentioned were some of the essential details regarding harissa pate that you need to know.

If you are looking for the perfect spice profile in your meals, harissa paste is the best option for you.