Are you looking For Dried Chillies? Read this before you rush

Every corner of this world has unique characteristics, and cuisine plays a core role in defining the place. For instance, if you are in Mexico or India, you won’t have to go far looking for dried chillies. You will be bombarded with spicy dishes with intense flavoring to make your day here.

Thanks to globalization, you can now find all spices and flavors in almost all parts of the world. Then again, stoking your pantry with spices is not as easy as it sounds, and sometimes you can land mere powders or dust that pretend to be spices.

In this article, we will take you through 3 things you should know before you are ready to embark on your spice quest.

  1. Cheaper isn’t always better

As humans who work hard to earn every penny, we tend to run after the cheaper offers without giving it a second thought. However, it is possible that something is not right with the product, and therefore, it is affordable. The same goes for spices.

A lot of work goes into growing and processing spices, which is why they tend to be a bit more expensive. So, if you are looking for dried chillies, make sure you know the spice’s running price, how it looks, and its pungent smell before you shell out for it. It is possible to get lucky sometimes and find a substantially cheap offer, but it is rare and mostly a hoax when the spice is extraordinarily cheap.

If possible, look up the adulteration possibilities for each spice and confirm that it doesn’t stand true with the lot you are buying. Since the seller is charging you, they will be willing to answer your queries.

  1. Believe in fresh spices

Like humans tend to run after cheaper offers, they have a tough time abstaining from stocking stuff as well. While stocking a couple of boxes of spices that you use regularly is no big deal, it is a bad idea if you rarely cook.

It is advisable to buy spices in small quantities whenever you are planning to prepare a special meal because spices get stale too. Once stale, the spices give out a foul smell, which you certainly do not want in your food. So, assess the utilization before spending a substantial amount of fine quality spices.

  1. Give local stores a try

The small, yet authentic spice shops are the ideal destination for buying spices as they do not befool their customers by selling boxed spices. Instead, you can pick up bags of freshly ground spices from these stores as a waft of aroma welcomes you and bids you adieu. Even though these spice stores can cost you a bit more than supermarkets, every morsel of food you prepare with their spices will be worth your money.

Keep the above points in mind when spice shopping, and you will be marveled at discovering how therapeutic cooking with them can be.