How To Prepare The Best Beef Rendang Curry?

Every other cuisine has a unique set of flavors that distinguishes it from the rest of the world, Malaysia is also blessed with distinctive flavors that make its cuisine widely popular among the world. Its meat delights, in particular, are quite a stunner. There is an extensive list of meat dishes that have different variations in Malaysian cuisine.

In this article, we are going to learn everything about best beef rendang curry all the way from Malaysia. If you know the right way to add the ingredients and the cooking method, it takes a matter if only a few minutes to get lip-smacking flavors on the table.

The best beef rendang curry is spicy, creamy, and rich beef stew blended with Malaysian spices and coconut milk. Without further ado, let’s get into the detail.

What is Rendang?

Rendang, in Malaysia, means tender and rich beef meat stew smothered in coconut milk. This particular Malaysian delight creates an explosion of flavors in the mouth. Among all the other rendang, beef rendang is the most popular one. In regional language, it is called “rendang daging”. It is a widely famous beef preparation in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore

Rendang: The Origin

Widely popular in the lands on Malaysia, Rendang has its origin in Indonesia. It is a flavorsome concoction prepared by the ethnic group of Indonesia named Minangkabau. Beef rendang is served on special occasions to treat the guest in a royal way. When the settlers from the Minangkabau from Sumatra started migrating to the Malay peninsula, they brought this amazing beef delight to the Malaysian lands. There are plenty of variations in beef rendang that you can find in different areas of Malaysia.

What Kind of Beef Do You Need To Use For Beef Rendang?

The type of beef you choose to make rendang creates a significant difference in the curry. Boneless or short ribs beef is considered ideal for making beef rendang as it will tender and easier to cook. You would need to cut the beef into smaller pieces to allow the flavor to rightly soak into the meat. Slow cooking is the key to make the best beef rendang.

What is the Secret Ingredient To Make Beef Rendang?

Kerisik is the secret ingredient that Malaysians use to make beef rendang. The secret tip to make the best beef rendang curry is to let it sit for hours and allow the meat to soak the spice ingredients. The more time you will give to the beef, the enhanced will be its flavors. It is said that Minangkabaus used to preserve the dish for months to get the complex taste and flavor.

You can either serve immediately or save it overnight. Beef rendang is best with steamed rice, so you must prepare steamed before serving the meat.

The Bottom Line

Malaysian cuisine is famous for its unique spice ingredient and standalone flavors. The meat preparations in Malaysian cuisine is quite popular around the globe. The article shared some of the important details regarding beef rendang curry that every Malaysian household knows. Over the years, the rendang has become a staple meat dish in the majority of the Malaysian restaurants. No doubt that beef rendang has become globally popular because of its amazing flavoring.