Uses of the Best Harissa Paste Recipe

North African cuisines are incomplete without the spice called Tunisian Harissa. It emanates a vibrant scent and displays an orangish-red color. This spice has a grainy consistency and also gives a mildly smokey flavor. Purchase this ingredient from a reputed vendor to prepare the best Harissa Paste recipe, which can be used to rub meats or to add flavor to rice dishes.

Uses of Harissa Paste

Harissa paste can be prepared by mixing harissa with a little hot water, lemon juice, chopped garlic and olive oil. After you get your hands on Tunisian harissa and create the best Harissa Paste recipe, you can use the paste in the following ways:

  • Use the paste just like you would incorporate peri peri sauce to prepare peri peri chicken
  • Put harissa paste into burger patties for a spicy kick
  • With the help of feta cheese, harissa paste, and feta cheese, you can prepare a tasty carrot salad
  • Serve it alongside breads and stews
  • It is extremely delicious when used on a breakfast sandwich
  • It acts as a flavorful seasoning for grilling and roasting both vegetables and meats

Why is harissa gaining popularity?

The Internet is filled with users who are looking for traditional spices, and that is where harissa really marks its own territory. This ingredient can be used for rice and meat preparations used to comfort people during cold weather. For those who are craving for hot and spicy dishes, this acts as the perfect ingredient. It can add zing to just about any plain food item, such as pita bread.

Tunisia has been recognized as the first African country to make use of chili peppers in cooking, and is the highest exporter of harissa. The spice is often regarded as the ‘national condiment’ in Tunisia and is very popular today in the Maghreb region, which is in northwest Africa. Freshly made harissa powder is easily available in the local shops in Tunisia.

Health benefits

Yet another reason for the popularity of harissa is its benefit to health. When added to meals, this spice helps in improvement of digestion and makes individuals feel satiated. Harissa is loaded with a number of anti oxidants, thereby providing several free radicals for good health. As compared to other spices, harissa is fairly low on sodium content, making it highly suitable for those with high blood pressure issues.

In terms of flavors, harissa can be blended with hummus to impart a fresh and spicy taste. If you are looking for a dip, it would be a good idea to mix harissa with yogurt. It may also be used to give flavor to couscous dishes.

Whenever you order harissa from a reputed online kitchen, you can be sure that it would have been prepared from the freshest ingredients. One whiff of the spice is enough to indicate its freshness. There are many restaurants around the world which make use of Tunisian Harissa, which is often regardedby several chefs as their magic ingredient. Every individual is recommended to try harissa based dishes at least once; you will fall in love!