4 Reasons you need to Buy Dried Chilies

Hot peppers or chillies, whatever you want to call it, will not change the fact that it is everybody’s favourite. People all over the world are loving hot foods and want to experiment more than just eating bland foods. Chillies are mainly used as a spice and can be cooked, dried or eaten just like that. If you want to buy dried chillies, you can do so and store it for long. Capsaicin is the main component found in chilli peppers and is solely responsible for its unique and pungent taste and smell and also makes it healthy to consume. You can use it in curries, soups or any other meal of your choice. Chillies don’t have a particular recipe, and you can experiment the way you like it. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and also since it is eaten it less quantity, it balances out your nutrient intake.

  1. Aids in Digestion

This may sound completely ironic, but the capsaicin present in chillies acts as an anti-irritant. Research also claims that chilli peppers can be very much beneficial to reduce ulcers. But, doctors have always suggested that if you have an ulcer problem, you must stay away from the hot peppers. And, actual research says that it can help with ulcers. It also helps to keep your digestive system healthy, helps with internal gas and other stomach problem. You must buy dried chillies and use it in your everyday food to enhance your meals as well keep your digestive system healthy.

  1. Keeps the Heart Healthy

The hot peppers are known to have unique properties to boost your heart’s health. It helps in regulating the circulatory system and keeps your cholesterol in control. This, in turn, helps to reduce lipid deposits, thus avoiding any blood clotting in the body. It is beneficial to improve your heart functioning but should be consumed only in moderation.

  1. Helps Improve your Metabolism

Hot peppers help in increasing your metabolism and help you reduce weight faster. It increases the metabolic rate of your body by generating thermogenic processes that speed up the heat. This activity, in turn, utilizes the energy and helps to break down your calories. Therefore, the more you consume chilli peppers in your meal, the more calories you will end up burning. The capsaicin present in these chillies is known to help you with your weight loss program as well. It also helps to destroy nerve fibres that send a message from your stomach to the brain, thus, keeping you full and help you avoid binge- eating.

  1. Fights with Cold and Flu

Research says that hot peppers help in boosting your immunity and are beneficial to fight off the cold and flu. The nasal sprays that you buy from the market also contain capsaicin to help you with the congestion. Consumption of hot peppers helps fight the pathogens and other irritants that may cause flu and the common cold. So, make sure you consume hot peppers in your everyday diet.