5 Great Ways to Use Indian Panch Poran

Also called padkaune masala, panch puran, panch phoran, panchphoran and panch phutana, this flavourful Indian blend of whole seeds is a great addition to just about any dish for a unique Indian twist

Ultra-fragrant with a textural crunch, Indian Panch Poran is India’s answer to the five-spice blend with a unique South Asian twist. Originating in the Bengal region, Indian Poran is used to add flavour, fragrance and texture to a range of dishes. From dal, to curries, to stir-fries or even sprinkled over grilled meats, this intoxicatingly fragrant blend of nigella, fenugreek, fennel, mustard and cumin seeds can be used to add an Indian twist to just about anything. Here are our top 5 ways to use Panch Poran:

1.    Add to curries for added flavour and crunch

Add a next level of fragrance and flavour to your Indian curries in a flash with a teaspoon or two of Panch Poran. Add to your warm pan along with your spice blend in the beginning to impart the seeds’ wonderful flavours throughout or temper them gently in a warm pan or warm oil to toast and exude their flavour before sprinkling them on at the end for a unique textural crunch. These methods work perfectly with an ultra-fragrant curry like our Indian Keralan Fish Curry or Spinach and Sweet Potato Dal using the South Indian Dal blend from our Flavours of the World range.

2.    Give your roasted veggies an Indian twist

Take your classic roast veggies up a notch and add a big hit of flavour. Toss any root veggies like pumpkin, swedes, sweet potatoes or beetroot in olive oil and a good sprinkling of Indian Poran before roasting. Check out our recipe for Indian Panch Poran Roasted Potatoes for a super-simple Indian-inspired side dish to meat, fish or dal.

3.    Add to your grinders along with salt for an all-purpose Indian seasoning

Create your own spice rub for meats, fish, roast chicken, baked veggies, you name it! Simply add your Indian Poran blend to a grinder along with around 25% of salt crystals and voila! Click Here to purchase our Spice Grinder set as well as our pure Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals.

4.    Take your rice to the next level

When steaming, boiling or baking your plain rice, add a sprinkling of Panch Poran seeds that have been lightly bloomed in a warm pan beforehand or add to a standalone rice dish like this Beef Biryani from India’s South Asian neighbours Pakistan. Our Pakistani Biryani blend from our Flavours of the World range is so versatile and pairs perfectly with these Indian Poran flavours to create a range of Biryani recipes.

5.    Make your own flavourful naan

Fluffy, spongey naan makes the perfect accompaniment to mop up all your flavourful curry sauce and it’s actually surprisingly easy to make at home. Check it out for yourself with our Homemade Indian Garlic Naan recipe and add Indian Poran to the garlicky, buttery topping for crunch and flavour.

Click Here to shop our authentic Indian Panch Poran blend and give some of these serving suggestions and recipes a go for yourself!

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    Indian Panch Poran – Mild

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    Panch Poran is a mild Indian blend from the Bengali region used to add a warm flavour to curries and vegetable dishes, particularly potato and cauliflower. The name Panch Poran means ‘five spices’ or in this case are five seeds with a colourful and beautiful flavour. This is a popular ingredient used in dishes from Bangladesh, some parts of India and Nepal. It consists of nigella seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, mustard seeds and cumin. For best results and to get the best flavour and aroma from your mix, toast before adding to your dish.

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