Our sole aim is to connect people with spices in an enriching culinary adventure that makes eating fun, interesting, and wholesome.

We are passionate about enriching life.

At The Spice People, our passion for great food and mission to teach the wonderful benefits of herbs and spices has lead us to create and harness a community of foodies. Our ethos is all about introducing spices of the world into everyday cooking and making it simple, easy, affordable, and fun. We have a zest for adding that bit of extra spice to life and seek to provide you with the world’s best flavours.

The Spice People isn’t just our name, it’s infused in the way we do things – we are an all-encompassing brand that strives to bring people and cultures together by delivering the world to your table. We believe food and cooking is the universal language that binds us all together like nothing else and is something that should be celebrated every day with the freshest and best ingredients our brilliant earth has to offer.

Our story

The Spice People began with one passionate person in 1997 with a vision to bring the amazing benefits of spices from around the world to Australia. Our founder, Liz Edgecombe, grew up in rural NSW and lived strongly by a paddock-to-plate philosophy. Noticing what was lacking in the Aussie spice market, Liz began traveling the globe, sourcing new and unusual spices and learning authentic blends from all the culinary corners of the world.

Today, Liz is regarded as one of Australia’s most highly-esteemed experts and a go-to guru when it comes to spices; with a wealth of knowledge, a successful business, and appearing frequently in previous years on popular Channel Ten cooking show, My Market Kitchen. This platform gave Liz the chance to live out her passion for educating people on these natural superfoods and spreading her ethos of healthy, wholesome, and delicious cooking further.

With over 20 years of spice producing under our belt, we have evolved beyond one person into a global specialty brand that offers the finest and most extensive range of herbs and spices. Our team is all about providing the everyday home cook with real meal solutions that are fast, fresh, and simple, with key ingredients, recipes, knowledge, and inspiration at your fingertips.

The Spice People’s passion for wholesome cooking and discovering the new and exciting flavours our wonderful world has to offer, has kept us globe-trotting throughout the decades to bring you the best.

Our products

With just a quick dash or sprinkle, you can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary

With today’s focus on healthy home cooking inspired and promoted by celebrity chefs and the fantastic array of cooking shows available, we are spoilt for choice, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve come up with real meal solutions for our community of Spice People by providing them with a ‘fast pass’ to healthy, delicious meals.

At The Spice People, our team have created over 60 bespoke regional spice blends to make your culinary adventure as easy and delicious as possible. We give you easy choices to either cook our recipe provided on the back of each packet, or use one of the hundreds of recipes on our website, or put your own flavour on it. We have created a wonderful resource for our community to use and continue to add and grow the offering of meal solutions.

Our herb and spice blends are multipurpose and are fantastic for a quick sprinkle on a cut of meat for grilling, rubbed before roasting, marinated before barbecuing, or add to breadcrumbs for a quick schnitzel – meaning a recipe isn’t always required; with just a quick dash or sprinkle, you can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. We also accommodate a range of dietary requirements without sacrificing flavour.

Our range encompasses the A-Z of herbs and spices including those hard-to-find spices which can elevate your dish to the most authentic cultural experience!
PS If we don’t currently stock a spice your seeking drop us line and we will happily try to track it down for you!

Our recipes

Fresh ingredients, simply prepared

Our catalog of recipes is all about fresh ingredients, flavored with pure herbs and spices that are simply prepared, creating standout dishes, and inspiring you to discover your stellar home cook within.

We produce products that transcend all cultures and cuisines offering a one-stop-shop to cook the world and provide you with the know-how and tools to do so.

We like to think differently and believe spices have the power to transform and open up new experiences, so our customer service experience extends well beyond the purchase of a product – we are here for you every step of the way on your culinary journey with recipes, tips, and tricks.

Our team

At The Spice People, our products are manufactured here in Melbourne by a dedicated team from all walks of life. From young University students to those looking to enter the culinary world and learn new skills, we find it important to employ and foster the talents of the next generation. Many of our team have traveled to Australia from world-renowned spice-producing countries and love the diverse community we have created at the spice people with many skill-sets, talents, and minds working together to bring you innovation and new ideas.

Our team members are often keen to share their favourite dishes from their homeland and many a recipe has been shared and swapped over the years adding extensively to our collection of authentic recipes on our website from so many cultures and home kitchens.

Our values

Authenticity. Reliability. Consistency. Quality. Trust. Creativity. Relevance. Integrity.

The Spice People brand is not just about creating delicious herb and spices, we are passionate about helping others especially in countries less fortunate than ourselves.
That’s why we partner with KIVA, an international nonprofit that helps alleviate poverty through small business loans.

So far The Spice People have given 53 small business loans in 28 different countries.
It’s very exciting to be part of something so inspiring.
Here are a couple of our current loans through KIVA:

Emily from Kenya has a loan that has helped to purchase farm inputs such as high-quality seeds and nutrient-rich fertilizers.

Maria from Guatemala, loan helped a member to buy fabric by the roll in different colors to make clothing to sell.

We hope you can add a bit of spice to your life with our aromatic and flavoursome products.